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For April 2017, we want you to focus on the articles published in the Power Quality category. Some of them are written by the members of the community.

Here's a short selection of 3 of the latest articles:

1. Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS)

2. Reactive power compensation in long middle voltage power lines

3. Power factor correction of networks (work experience)

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: B.Q.

  • An Assistant Engineer (Operations) at a Combined Cycle Power Plant.
  • From Pakistan.
  • Interested in Electrical generation, distribution, transmission, safety.
  • Visits the Electrical Engineering Community almost every day to find answers. Thinks that this community have a lot to offer when you're searching for theoretical and basic knowledge about electrical equipment and concepts.
  • To his opinion, what seems to be lacking in the Electrical Engineering Community is stuff like simulators and multimedia for young graduates and apprentices. He tries his best on his level to come up with something like a basic FREE simulator to simulate things like breakers, protection relays, fuses, LEDs, etc. However, in his opinion, such resources are either not available or not accessible for individuals.

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    Protection against voltage spikes in LV systems

    As a warrior can't fight without his shield an electrical system can't withstand without a well-designed protection system. So protection is a must in any power system, and it's applied at all voltage levels and for personnel or equipment protection and many other purposes

    Throughout this article, we are going to discuss voltage spikes (overvoltage) protection in low voltage installations, which may occur as a spike or with nominal frequency. And we will provide you with an overview about reasons why it occurs and how you can protect you installations against it.

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    12 most common errors in an electrical installation (and solutions)

    When wiring house or building, a lot of mistakes can be made and will only be visible during inspection or after many years. Some of them can create small damages while other can lead to serious injuries.

    It is therefore important to take your time when wiring, respect the norms and regulations of your national board or call for an inspector who will be happy to guide you.

    What are the 12 common errors which are very common and that occurs far too often during installations?

    From College to Work: The Jump of an Electrical engineer

    Starting your professional life in a working site as an Electrical Engineer is mentally challenging, because you work on an environment that you are not familiar with, and you are surrounded by veterans of many areas thinking that you're only a fresh kid straight out of college

    And they are right!

    What do you think of Bernardo's first experience from college to work? Can you tell us your own ewperience in few words? Was it easy or difficult?


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