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This month the Panel Building category is in the spotlight. Have you read the articles published in this section of the blog?

The 3 last articles from there are very interesting and we invite you to give your feedbacks or to tell us if you want your article to be published in this category:

1. Designing electrical power system for industrial plant

2. Switchboard and switchgear: functions & differences

3. Problems you (may) have to face when designing electrical system for industry

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These past weeks, some topics remained without answer. Maybe you could help the members to solve their problem.

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1. Integrated Generator Control Panel + ATS = impossible?

2. 87B Block Differential (Transformer) Problem

3. Earth fault problem

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Daylight Saving Time would be finished soon

Many people believe that with new improvement in low energy light producing (LEDs), the Daylight Saving Time (DST) would not be applied soon and would become an old-fashioned thing.

From our childhood, we remember that we have changed our time twice a year as daylight saving time. The main reason is to save energy and keep the lights off more. But after a century, there are two new changes in human life style that may have changed it all...

Do you think that Daylight Saving Time would be finished soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

LV Motor protective device settings (video tutorial)

In this article the author wants to show you how to determine the protective device settings of a typical and simple protection scheme usually applied to low voltage motors, considering the electrical protection basis and using ETAP (Electrical Transient and Analysis Program)to build the time-current curve.

Go read and watch the bonus material which is a video tutorial showing the construction of the Time-Current Curve on ETAP software.

Preparation and benefits of Electrical Load Schedule

Preparing a load schedule helps in determining the amount of power required for an installation.

This information is then used by electrical engineers to properly size conductors, conduits and determine the proper overload and other protection and control systems.

What's your experience in the preparation and the benefits of preparing a load schedule? Post a comment below the article.


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