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On this occasion, check our selection of the most popular articles published in the blog throughout the year.

Using LED: global alert!

As electrical engineers, you necessarily apply technologies or devices which aim to improve energy efficiency. Among the front runners of these technologies stands the LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) which is about to become the global standard, coming after classic bulbs that soon won't be sold by the manufacturers anymore.
Everybody seems to agree with the fact that LED technology is the future of lighting. However, several electrical installation professionals warned us with 2 major issues highly questioning its use.

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DC: danger alert?

1. Watch the video in this blog post that shows the impact of the "zero crossing" of the voltage, every 10 milliseconds by the sine wave in the AC distribution 2.Tell us what you think.
Could full-DC really be dangerous? Are you rather pro-AC or pro-DC and why? What is the most viable solution? The most environmentally friendly? More generally, what's your opinion on the War of Currents?

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Types of electrical joints and terminations (back to basics)

Electrical joints and terminations provide the required electrical connection as well as the mechanical support, and physical protection of the cable. There are different types of joints and terminations based on the function, type of cable and construction materials.

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Electrical Cable jointing procedures

Joining electrical power cables can be as simple as twisting the wires and taping them or more detailed using a variety of inline adapters and connectors. The method used for a particular joint depends on the voltage, type of cable, type of joint, type of connector, application and other factors. Regardless of the method used, it is important to have the proper tools and materials.
Click to read about some of the key factors that ensure clean, safe and reliable connections.

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Reverse power relay basics and operation

The reverse power relay is a directional protective relay that prevents power from flowing in the reverse direction. The relay is used in installations where a generator runs in parallel with the utility or another generator so as to prevent power from the bus bar or another generator from flowing back to the active generator when its output fails.

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Underground cables: types, advantages & disadvantages

Underground cables are used for power applications where it is impractical, difficult, or dangerous to use the overhead lines. They are widely used in densely populated urban areas, in factories, and even to supply power from the overhead posts to the consumer premises. They have several advantages, yet, they also have disadvantages. Read more to find out which ones.

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Electrical Installation Guide 2016 - FREE Download Now

The Electrical Installation Guide helps you with understanding and complying with every IEC standards. In 2016 these are always quite so complicated and did evolve during 2015. It is definitely a reference document to every electrical engineers, from students to seniors. A thousand of you downloaded the guide and we received great feedbacks by mail!

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The Electrical Engineering Community Sharing areas

Year 2016 is ending so we'd like to make an inventory of all the Electrical Engineering Community sharing files you can find. Did you know we had FREE sharing areas created by the moderator team and some members? If you didn't, check them below:

LED Lighting Resources area

In September 2016, we warned you about LED lighting through an article revealing 2 major issues linked to its use. Whether you've ever been confronted or not with installations with LED luminaires, we believe that one must be informed and aware of the issues it can bring.

That's why we've decided to create this LED lighting resources area to take an inventory of all the resources about these problems. And that's not all: in this page you will also find resources about the solutions to apply. These have been laboratory-tested and validated by several teams of experts.

The password to access to this exclusive documents has been sent to every person who sent us an email with details about the issues that they noticed in their installations with LED luminaires. We also sent it to those who never had any issue because every information is worth taking!

So if you want to get the password, please click here and tell us the experience you had with LED luminaires.

And all the other sharings...
1) The Electrical Calculation Tools sharing area with almost a hundred of calculation tools shared by our dear members.

And of course, don't forget the others sharing areas and files we shared:

1) The Electrical Calculation Tools sharing area with almost a hundred of calculation tools shared by our dear members.

2) The Load shedding guide (17 pages for FREE!) which addresses electricians or contractors who need to boost their business by 20% (on the panel board), in residential & small commercial buildings.

3)The PowerFacAging calculator which has been downloaded thousands times!

Best wishes and thank you for sharing with other members for the mutual benefit of all contributors of the community!

Don't forget that we are as usual fully open to receive your propositions of articles for the blog, suggestions of improvements, willingness to help by becoming a Moderator yourself... just send us a mail to tell us.

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