Energy Efficiency - solar

For this newsletter, what about a focus on the category "Energy Efficiency - solar"? As this category is not the most popular, we thought that it was interesting to focus on it.

Solar is not really a practical topic but few fellow electrical engineers from the community sent us pretty nice articles that we published right after. So you can read them if you want as we're providing you the following selection of articles:

1. Residential Solar Power

2. Thermo-Chemical Solar Power

3. Photovoltaic systems using micro inverter?

If you would like to publish an article in the "Energy Efficiency - solar" category, you can tell us by mail. You can even post directly on the forum!

You can write about whatever you want (debate, tutorial, product review, your observations, your opinion as an engineer or student, etc.).

Thanks in advance for your active contribution to our community,

The moderator team.

These past weeks, some topics in the forum remained without answer. Maybe you could help the members to solve their problem.

Don't forget: it takes 5 minutes to do it and the person asking may become the one to answer YOUR questions in the future!

1. Is there a good FREE simulation software for electrical engineering?

2. How to convert a 3 phase generator into single phase?

3. How to read cable types specified by cable manufacturers in UK?

Thanks in advance for your active contribution to our community.

Moderator team

Using LED: global alert (survey)

Last month, we warned you about LED lighting through an article revealing 2 major issues linked to its use.

To our great surprise, only few of you reacted to this warning.

Yet, that is a real issue - a global issue since it does concern all the installations with more than 20 LED luminaires.

We are as surprised as curious about the few reactions we received. That's why we come back to you with a survey that will probably allow us to understand your silence better.

Have you ever been confronted with installations with more than 20 LED luminaires?

a) Yes

b) No

Just click on "Yes" or "No" ; this will only take you few seconds and you'll also have access to the comments submitted by your fellows electrical engineers about this global alert.

Thanks y'all for participating in!

Load Scheduling in Power Systems

The electrical load scheduling is the process of estimating the instantaneous loads operating in an installation.

The load schedule preparation should ideally be the first task to perform during the electrical system design stage since it relates to the equipment sizes and other power system requirements.

A subscriber kindly wrote this article for the community. Do you have questions or remarks?

Ground rod: bad experiences

"Throughout my experience in housing construction as well as in the installation of raceways in existing buildings I have met with incorrect definitions concerning grounding with ground rods.

I can mention a lot of myths that I have heard from technicians and customers!

Although, there are several myths I will discuss 4 of them".

Did you have bad experiences concerning grounding too?


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