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In February 2016 newsletter, we made you take advantage of an exclusive document for free ; which was the Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) 2016 edited by experts.

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Now, we wanted to let you know that a thousand of you downloaded the guide and we received great feedbacks by mail. We're happy to observe that this guide was useful to you.

For those who missed the offer, just know that the Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) helps you with understanding and complying with any IEC standard to be applied in 2016. Those are quite so complicated and did evolve during 2015. It is definitely a reference document to every electrical engineers, from students to seniors.

Thanks to this simplified guide, you'll ensure the reliability of your commercial, industrial, or domestic electrical installations. Usually, the Electrical Installation Guide is charged and its price goes up to 60 euros ; but we provide you with a link to get it FOR FREE!

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    Motors and Drives: AC or DC?

    Due to their reliability and precise variable speed control, direct current (DC) motors have long reigned as the workhorse of industrial applications. However increases in quality and productivity requirements of modern manufacturing processes plead for motors and drives for an upgrade that can cope with higher demands and narrower tolerances.

    Since most of the DC motors' drives in service were installed decades ago, their analog control technology has fallen short to meet these new precision demands, besides due to commutators, DC motors are not suitable for very high speed applications.

    However, I can assure today that DC drives won't cease to exist. Discover how.

    Very interesting way of dealing with this AC and DC drives topic which has been discussed so many time in the past. What do you all think of D.Ros point of view?

    Problems you (may) have to face when designing electrical system for industry (career story)

    "It is always exciting for me to accept a job in designing electrical power system for industry. The problem, or I have to say the one which make me excited, is every company quite often has its own rule or even own standard!

    It becomes even worse if a company has several factories and each factory adopt different standard..."

    A fellow electrical engineer with 5 years experience in designing electrical system tells us about the problems he faced in industry and what he learned. What do you think of his story? Have you ever faced similar problems?

    Electrical grounding best practices

    A good grounding system should provide the maximum safety from contact, electrical system faults and lightening.

    Then what are the best grounding practices for it to be effective throughout the entire life of a structure, while requiring minimal maintenance?

    The author of this article has 20 years experience in power installations, testing, control and maintenance. What do think about his advices?


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