Energy Efficiency - Building

For this February 2016 newsletter, what if we focus on Energy Efficiency - Building which is one of the categories you can find on the blog?

Many of you members are interested in Energy efficiency applied to buildings, and many of you have years of experience in that field. So here are the 3 latest articles that you can find in this category:

1. How to wire a building and provide for future load growth

2. Speed variation and air renewal

3. How to install a good measuring system? (tips from an expert)

If you want to publish a news article for the Electrical Efficiency - Building category, you can tell us by mail. You can even post directly on the forum!

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    Electrical Installation Guide 2016
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    To you all Electrical Engineering Community blog members, good news!

    Year 2016 has just begun, and yet we can already make you take advantage of an exclusive document for free!

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    Why should you download the EIG as electrical engineers?

    The Electrical Installation Guide helps you with understanding and complying with every IEC standards. In 2016 these are always quite so complicated and did evolve during 2015.

    For instance, the IEC 60364 "Low-voltage electrical installations" Part 4-44 "Protection for safety - Protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances" and part Part 5-53: "Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Isolation, switching and control" have been updated in 2015 with 2 new amendments, which bring in particular some significant evolutions to the protection against transient overvoltages and SPDs.

    And do you have an up-to-date view about the standards and regulations related to Energy Efficiency and Electricity? Such as the IEC60364 part 8-1 "Energy Efficiency" published a bit more than one year ago? And do you know the latest "Smart Panels" solutions, which greatly help to implement and succeed in your Energy Efficiency plans?

    Measurement is also a topic which is more and more important among projects, whether to provide key information for Energy Efficiency, to measure the quality and contribute to the availability of electrical installations.

    Today, the Electrical Engineering Community team is glad to announce that you will all be able to get this practical guide which is a reference work RIGHT NOW and FOR FREE!

    As it was the case for the previous versions, experts from Schneider Electric have provided detailed clarifications and propose the EIG 2016 edition. Clear and complete, this document explains precisely the IEC standards to be applied in 2016.

    What's new or updated in the 2016 edition?

    There's an updated list of relevant IEC standards, new contents about Energy Efficiency regulations and standards, such as the IEC60364-8-1, a new chapter introducing the different applications of measurements (energy efficiency, energy usage analysis, billing, cost allocation, power quality ...) with a panorama of the related standards and a special focus on the IEC 61557-12 for Power Metering and monitoring devices (PMD).

    Usually, the Electrical Installation Guide is charged and its price goes up to 60 euros. Still, you can get it for free through the Electrical Engineering Community website! Click on the button below to DOWNLOAD the EIG 2016 RIGHT NOW and FOR FREE

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