We are VERY disappointed!

In a community, sharing and exchanging between members is important. This also includes talking about problems. That's why today we admit that we are VERY disappointed!

Does the spirit of mutual assistance really exist in our community?

Since the beginning of this adventure, we try hard to feed the blog and to fill it with life so that the electrical engineers community can reunite free of charge and share about this field which is just as technical as it is complex. Every week, we publish 2 articles in order to go further with this community spirit of sharing ; we even made the blog participative. Indeed, you as members are allowed to publish articles (tutorials, debates, testimonies, rants, etc.). Not many websites with such an audience offer their community the opportunity to express itself that freely. Especially as, in the EEC blog, you are given the opportunity to communicate on a larger scale with people from across the world!

Our international community counts even more than 42000 members!

But still... nobody found it appropriate to reply to the article from Paolo, your fellow Brazilian panel builder. At the end of August, he shared his anger with us about enclosure systems from International manufacturers also known as "functional" panelboards or the kit system. As a reminder, according to his view, the functional system is a huge waste of time for 4 main reasons:
  1. The installation becomes complicated and cannot be optimized as soon as you need to add extra functions which are not provided in the kit manufacturer's catalogue.

  2. Adding a functional unit in a panel which is already full is a tough nut to crack.

  3. It's a closed system in which you have no other option but to use the devices from the same manufacturer, which cost a lot of money when purchasing.

  4. There is way too much packaging which implies sorting the items when receiving the products.
Why did none of you find it appropriate to answer Paolo's appeal? We'd like to understand why you all remained silent, because however confusing it is, there's in fact a reason.

It's your turn to speak:

  1. I know what kit system is and I DO agree with Paolo:

  2. a) The kit system is a tough nut to crack in my workshop

    b) My switchboard designs are better than the design of the kit systems

    c) The kit system doesn't bring enough added value to my customers to justify the price gap

  3. I know what kit system is and I DO NOT agree with Paolo:

  4. a) Thanks to the kit system I only got one interlocutor who provides almost all the components I need to mount my panel

    b) Thanks to the kit system I can guarantee my clients a panel which is compliant with the standards

    c) The kit system costs less money in total (purchase, labor, industrial investments)

    d) Agree or not, that's what my clients systematically ask for

  5. I don't know what the kit system is

If you're willing to help Paolo and continue filling this community with life, react now!
The Moderator team.

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