2009 articles that you have missed

Here are the less popular articles published in 2009 since April that we beleive you have really missed : Nb of visits/ article is less than 1000 but their interest is more than you think ...





Did you know that the "CO2 emission" per kWh of electricity produced varies greatly from one country to another?
Where the figure is low, electricity is mainly produced by hydro or nuclear power plants. Countries with the highest figures rely mainly on coal.



Keyword tool for engineering search : Google Ad words. When you need to know how often a concept or a specific need is searched on the internet, do use this free powerful tool ! ... also when you need to know the "used words".

Smart Bookmarks : How to better manage your bookmarks on your PC and benefit from the findings of others in areas that interest you? The answer is in "delicious" : it's a way of putting in common individual findings.

PC tips : remember passwords : When you are sick of filling your mail address and password, invest 29€, it's worth it...

Who can help about UPS protection?
If you are an Electrical Designer dealing with UPS, please help !


Energy Efficiency: new IEC standard on the move in LV

The objective is to complete general installations rules for electrical installations of buildings, in the way to obtain the highest possible service for the minimum energy consumption.


Energy Efficiency: R & D programme in Europe

Work on solutions (either technical, process or behavior type) that will decrease the energy consumption in countries but also improve comfort. That's the HOMES programme on YouTube.



Energy Efficiency: ICT revolution

ICT : Information Communication Technology


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