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This month, let's focus on a type of articles we've been publishing lately, called the "Top 10 articles series".

No explanation needed, the title is quite clear, but if you've never read this kind of articles, well you should!

Power system failures, grounding systems, energy efficiency, pumping systems,. this Top 10 articles series is actually YOUR idea.

Indeed, you members first sent us this type of articles by mail, then other members and writers followed the track. How awesome! Thank you for your commitment to the community!

HHere are 3 examples of a Top 10 type of article:

1. Top 10 Power Quality Problems (explanation, consequences & solutions)

2. Top 10 most prominent grounding systems for industrial sectors

3. Top 10 reasons of equipment failure and overvoltage

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    Too much moisture in the transformer - how to measure and drying out?

    The term, "moisture in the transformer," which is frequently used in the electrical industry, either refers to the water absorbed by the paper in the transformer, or the water that gets dissolved in the oil of the transformer.

    Moisture can be found in various parts of a transformer's insulation system. It can often get accumulated in the solid insulation of the transformer; get mixed up with the oil; and sometimes, it can also be found in the form of water accumulated at the bottom of the insulation core. What to do when there is "moisture" in the transformers?

    As an electrical engineer, it's important to keep your equipment clean to ensure a good maintenance. Thank to this article, you have all the steps to take care of it. Did you find this article helpful?

    How to minimize voltage drops? - 4 practical guidelines

    According to NEC, a three percent voltage drop in branched circuits, and five percent voltage drop in feeders connected to branched conductors, will not to create major problems as far as energy efficiency and operation of general circuits is concerned.

    But, a voltage drop greater than the indicated percentage (5%), can hamper the life as well as the operational efficiency of electrical circuits and equipment.

    In an attempt to minimize the voltage drops and keep them below 5%, a few practical guidelines are to be followed.

    What do you think about these guidelines? Feel free to leave your impressions!

    Circuit board designer and consultant (Career story)

    "Being Principal Analyst, my job with a public utility company entails electricity and gas transmission and distribution.

    It is not as complex as it sounds but the work does tag along its fair share of challenges and requirements."

    Last week, we received this career story from one of our members. We thank our volunteer for this testimony. If some of you are interested in this type of career, just read his path!

    What do you think of this wareer story? Can any circuit board designer and consultant relate?


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