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This topic raises interest of any electrical engineer and is very technical. We all need to take IEC standards into consideration, even if it can be quite difficult to get acquainted with them.

Here are the 3 blog posts from this category:

1. Earthing system design

2. Types of Earthing (as per IEC Standards)

3. Electrical Installation Guide 2015 - New version - FREE Download Now

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    Need for multiple transfer switches for emergency and standby power generation systems

    Depending on their placement, automatic multiple transfer switches are designed as per the individual requirements of the circuit and the equipment being served.

    There are a wide variety of automatic multiple transfer switches available in the market to choose from. Depending on their functionality, one can choose the right switch depending on its ability to perform a particular duty.

    This article deals with the parameters you might want to look at, before zeroing on a particular automatic multiple transfer switch. Do you have more to add?

    4 forms of partitioning low voltage switchboards - why is it necessary?

    Did you ever wonder about partitioning of low voltage switchboards? This important process is explained below by Eric S. who sent an article to the EEC team last week.

    In this article, he says that partitioning of low voltage switchboards is very important because of the 4 reasons. Then he describes 4 type of partitioning.

    What about your opinion? To your mind, why is partitioning necessary?

    Top 10 causes for power system failures (part1)

    It is very important to understand the reasons behind failures, if you were to understand the root causes that govern the reliability of a power system.

    This article deals with all those important reasons on which the reliability of a power system depends. Check part 2 to discover 7 others surprising causes!

    What do you think of this 1st part?


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