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1. Harmonic filter for better power quality

2. GPS synchronization for power system

3. Electrical equipment: power harmonics, power factor

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    How to Use a Capacitance meter?

    The ability of a capacitor to store electric charges is known as its capacitance, and that is what a capacitance meter is used for.

    A capacitance meter is used for measuring the capacitance of a capacitor. It measures the rate of charge storage and returns the value of capacitance in a digital fashion, usually but not always.

    How to measure capacitance with a capacitance meter? What are the different uses of a capacitance meter?

    One of our fellow members of the EEC kindly sent us this article. What do you think about it?

    High Level Harmonic Distortions - A Plant Engineer's Nightmare! (Testimony)

    "Though rare, high level harmonic distortion is a term that can terrify even most experienced plant engineers. I, being a plant engineer myself, know how harsh the consequences of high level harmonic distortions can be.

    That's why I wrote this article to show you how exactly a high level harmonic distortion affects the utility distribution system or a plant's distribution system."

    What did you think about this testimony? Do you agree or not? Remember you can also send testimonies to the team by sending a mail.

    Electrical Installation Guide 2015 - FREE Download Now

    In January, we introduced you to the 2015 version of the infamous Electrical Installation Guide, and it sure was a great way to start the new year!
    Indeed, experts from Schneider Electric edited this clear and practical guide for you to stay informed about the international standards set by the IEC, which are complex and which keep evolving.

    According to the awesome feedbacks we've received since we told you about it, you (designers, consultants, contractors, panel builders, facility managers, students, teachers, standardisation or certification experts) all should get the guide in order to ensure the safety and the energy efficiency of our customers' electrical installations.

    DOWNLOAD it right NOW and FOR FREE by clicking on the "MORE" button below. Don't forget to give your impressions once you get a chance to read it.


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