2014 was a great year for the Electrical Engineering Community! For the last newsletter of 2014, we selected the most popular articles published on the blog throughout the year.

We ranked them in terms of traffic (number of visits) and also in terms of exchange quality (number of comments).

Choosing and comparing the best energy data logger to install in your panels for small buildings in 10 minutes

Many of you are facing difficulties to choose the best technology for the energy collection; the one which will address the needs of your customers, while being easy to use and to install. That's why we did test solutions for energy data logger for small buildings and commercial buildings, in order to draw a comparison.

Visits: 9792

Selection of Miniature Circuit Breaker

Here is a tutorial on how to select Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB). MCB is a vital circuit breaking component found in today's modern electrical distribution system. It is reusable type of circuit breaking device that is nowadays widely used in homes and offices. See how it works and and the different kind of MCBs.

Visits: 1515

Types of Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers have been classified into a number of types, based on different categories they have been subdivided into. What are the different types? Check the top 3 of the most used ones.

Visits: 1471

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

RCCB is an essential protective device in your electrical circuit that helps to prevent electrical hazards in cases of earth faults. A properly set RCCB will ensure that there is no fatal injury caused to human being in case of an accidental touch to live wires. How does it protect? What ere the different types of RSSB?

Visits: 999

Inspection and Testing of Wiring Installations

Periodic inspection and testing of internal wiring installations is necessary. Internal wiring should be checked every year for safe operations. How to inspect and test your wiring installations? This article lists points that should be checked.

Visits: 862

Are Power Factor Correction Units Necessary For Residential Consumers? (Debate)

You may have come across a nice, clear video on the importance of purchasing Power Factor Correction (PFC), also known as KVAR units for residential consumers. You may be luckier and actually met a salesperson, all verbose on how you can save a lot of money by installing a simple device between the power supply and the home appliances.

Now check the opinion of one of the visitor of the blog about this topic.

Interesting debate isn't it? Do you agree with Marvin's point of view?

Electrical engineers, how to work safer? (back to basics)

We received a nice article in our mailbox by an electrical engineer who wants to guide you for you to work safer. Electrical safety is an important topic, that's why we accepted to publish his article as a back to basics.

Can you think about more advices to give to work safer?

How to make your maintenance reports in 5 minutes? - 1st step

In October, we introduced you to a Facility Hero ; a free application which is a complete electronic maintenance log (and more).

Then, so many of you downloaded the app and gave us great feedbacks. Yet some of you don't really know where to start. In order to make a maintenance report rapidly, you first have to create equipment.

It is easy and you can find a great help video (tutorial) to do so!


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