Feedback on "How to make your maintenance reports in 1 minute?"

In the newsletter of October we decided to introduce you to Facility Hero; a free application which is a complete electronic maintenance log (and more).

A good hundred of you tested and used our interesting find and the feedbacks are amazing! This proves that Facility Hero is really effective, just like we told you last month.

We're so glad to see that you find this tool useful! For those who missed the news about this app, here's a sum up:

Facility Hero is a free and innovative solution working both on computers and smartphones (Android and Apple). It is a complete electronic maintenance log, with the facility datasheet, failure history, servicing technicians, essential instruction manuals, etc.

In addition to its free numerous options offered, we like the fact that everything you need is there, with you, wherever you are. In our opinion, with Facility Hero it's simply impossible to forget or to lose anything!.

We strongly recommend this free app that will allow you to save a lot of time for your next intervention report! You'll be able to make your maintenance reports in 1 minute, on site, without typing a single word on a keyboard.

To do so, just click here:

If somebody among the hundreds of members of the Electrical Engineering Community who used it wants to write a review, feel free to send us a mail.

The moderator team.

Maintaining Low Voltage Switchboard (Tutorial)

Irrespective of the usage, electrical components tend to develop inconsistencies as they age.

In order to make sure that your low voltage switchboard operates properly and lasts long, it is imperative that you conduct preventive maintenance at regular intervals with the help of qualified professionals.

To all beginner maintenance technicians in the community, here are some important guidelines to be followed while maintaining a low voltage switchboard.

What is smart meter on middle voltage? (back to basics)

The electricity smart meter is a device that measures electricity in the same way as the ordinary electricity meter but with the difference that it measures and stores much more data and parameters than the ordinary electricity meter.

See to what extent it is useful!

What's your opinion on this article provided by one of our members?

Top 10 factors that govern selection of medium voltage drives

Few weeks ago, a senior engineer sent us this very interesting article. Just for us, he made a list of 10 factors that should drive you to select medium voltage drives.

Specifying and choosing high quality medium voltage drives can often be a tedious task, because there are many parameters that govern its quality and performance. So here's an expert's advice.

Are these the factors that you consider when selecting medium voltage drives? Do you have other factors to add to the list?


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