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We've been publishing testimonies and work experiences from our members since the middle of the year 2013, and - in case you missed them - these are very interesting.

Indeed, they broaden your vision of the profession and shows you that things can really be different according to the part of the globe you live in!

Check 3 of the most interesting testimonies we've received till now:

1. Vandalism and Theft of Transformers!

2. The SPD industry: their real job? Putting the competitors down

3. How to face unimproved Electrical Design in Ethopia?

You too can publish about your own experience and/or give few advices. To our mind it's very interesting, just tell us by mail. You can even post directly on the forum!

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    How to make your maintenance reports in 1 minute?

    Maintenance technicians, you often lack time and information to finish your interventions on site successfully. Not only you rush from a site to another to manage the alerts, but in addition to that, you're asked on site to manage urgently equipments you don't usually handle! To top it all off, you always lack the right instruction manual, the failure history, the maintenance log, etc. essential for a successful intervention. As a result, you lose time during every intervention on site and your diagnosis leave much to be desired.

    Facing these obstacles, don't become overwhelmed by accumulating papers or by falling behind. Indeed, a large number of you maintenance technicians spend their evenings completing unfinished maintenance reports.

    Like many others professionals who have been facing these problems, our team decided to test Facility Hero, a free and innovative solution working both on computers and smartphones (Android and Apple). Our feedback is unanimously positive; and we underline the efficiency and the rapidity of this application. In addition to its free numerous options offered, we also liked the fact that everything you need is there, with you, wherever you are. In our opinion, with Facility Hero it's simply impossible to forget or to lose anything!

    For all these reasons, we recommend testing this application without delay; it is a complete electronic maintenance log, with the facility datasheet, failure history, servicing technicians, essential instruction manuals, etc. Available for free, this app will allow you to save a lot of time for your next intervention report!

    If just like us you can't wait to make your maintenance reports in 1 minute, on site, without typing a single word on a keyboard, click here:

    How to Work Around Common Low Voltage Problem Areas?

    Low electrical voltage is any voltage at or below 750V. In some regions, it can be used to define extra low voltage that is at or below 1000V. Common low voltage areas include residential utility lines, as well as light industrial application.

    With proper precaution, working around LV is safe. However, as with all matters electricity, sometimes things go horribly wrong. The following are key problem LV areas.

    Last month, one of our members' contributions had told you how to work around LV systems as an electrical engineer. Now enjoy the part 2 with more details.


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