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Software for electrical installation
A presentation of 4 quick & simple software useful for any electrical installation calculation such as voltage drop, size motor, power factor correction, display protection device curve, check protection device coordination, ...
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Lightning & Surge protection
Today many designers think it is enough to connect a surge arrestor (or surge protector device - SPD -) on the grid: this is not true !
15 years of experience in the field of surge protection lead me to write that the technology and understanding of phenomena has evolved.
10 000 visits and 15 comments.

Power losses reduction in electrical distribution
There is one rule that is sometimes forgotten during the design, which is the place of the transformer and the main low voltage switchboard as close as possible to their load centre (centre of gravity of the consumers)
8 500 visits and 29 comments.

Parallel transformers benefits
I wish to present here the benefits of utilization and operation of MV/LV parallel transformers in electrical distribution. Having such experience, i will be interested to get feedbacks from other engineers.

Harmonic filter for better power quality
Every harmonics mitigation and power factor correction device has its place in the market.

How to illustrate "Re active Power" ?

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