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This summer, let's focus on the articles published in the "Electrical software" category.

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1. Best electrical calculation software review

2. Software for electrical installation

3. New design software for electrical installation

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This month let us introduce you one of our forum members: Andrei

  • A full time freelancer at the moment
  • From Chiba, Japan
  • Industrial command and control of heavy machinery and integration of green technologies in residential areas are the subjects which interest him the most
  • Visits the forum sometimes because he thinks that a lot of knowledge shared, new ideas and troubleshooting experience. There are times when he doen't remember the meaning of symbols or code on a device and the forum or blog posts comes to the rescue.
  • Thinks that what's lacking in the community is articles about CAD software and takeoff software that really help electricians nowadays.
  • You can check his facebook page about BMS (a lot of electronics but it is related to electrical systems too as he has a power distribution controller designed as well)

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    Setting up a Fuse Box and calculating loads

    Some might consider setting up a fuse box for a residential location a pretty simple task. 16 A circuit breaker and 2.5mm2 conductor for wall sockets, 10 A circuit breaker and 1.5mm2 conductor for lighting circuit, not very complicated. One should say the above values are for European 230V single phase circuits.

    But what if we had to distribute electricity to a workshop or a place that has different than usual loads like motors or power tools? Let's have a look at how we can setup this circuit and the fuse box for it.

    What do you think of this article?

    Tips to Optimize the Life of Electrical Switchgear

    Modern manufacturing processes, as well as computer processes, primarily seek to reduce on equipment downtime. Equipment failure accounts for millions in damage and lost revenue. A number of such detrimental scenarios can be eliminated, or reduced through optimizing the switchgear life and enhancing reliability.

    The article focuses more on low and medium voltage circuit gears, as they are in wide application in switchgear and switchboards.

    Marvin M., one of our newest members from Kenya gave you tips to optimize the life of electrical switchgear. Did it help?

    Standby Backup Generators

    In areas often hit by severe weather conditions there are frequent power outages which can disrupt the normal activities of residents and affect their living conditions and comfort.

    Standby backup generators are used to solve this problem by providing backup power to selected circuits or the entire circuit until the main power supply is restored. This allows for certain critical elements to continue functioning during the outage period.

    This article focuses more on generators intended for homes and residential areas. If you have something to add, just comment.


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