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Since the opening of the website and forum, the electrical engineers of the community have actively participated in 3 debates from this section. These are:

1. Energy efficient lighting : CFL vs LED

2. How green are Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)?

3. Swapping incandescent light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lights

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This month let us introduce you one of our forum members: Marvin M

  • A former worker at a local construction (bridges and water systems), now article writer
  • From Nairobi, Kenya
  • Everything about substations, power generation and distribution, and particularly alternative energy are the subjects which interest him the most
  • Visits the forum often to keep himself updated because in his opinion the EEC has carved a solid niche and contains informative data to tackle almost every aspect of electrical engineering
  • Thinks that what's lacking in the community is interaction between the participants, who could even more engage in mutually beneficial interactions in the electrical engineering field, so that everybody can know of the latest trends, gadgets and procedures in the field

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    Newest and Most Efficient Smart Solid-State Transformers

    In late 20th century, transformers were considered as a breakthrough in the field of modern electronics and power transmission systems. However the conventional transformers had some disadvantages as well.

    In order to overcome these and to achieve flawlessness, scientists devoted a lot of their time and energy to develop a new kind of transformers that are far better and effective than the primitive ones. They are known as Solid State Transformers.

    All of the traditional transformers and power transmission systems will be wiped out soon and replaced by this device. What do you think about this new kind of Transformers? Are you convinced?

    Electrically Insulated Bearings - Enhancing The Operational Reliability Of Electrical Machines

    It is quite evident that every electrical machine that has revolving, twisting or turning components inside has bearings attached to them to help rotate. Most of these bearings are made of stainless steel and are prone to stray currents. Passing of such electric currents into the bearings may prove to be very expensive, leading to lower performance or complete failure of an electrical machine.

    In some cases, the damage caused to the machine due to the failure of the bearings can be so extensive, that it eventually needs a replacement.

    What are the different types of electrically insulated bearings? To what extent are they important for an efficient output? Let's discover everything through this article.

    Multiway Switching - A must in modern electrical systems

    Multiway switching can be found in almost any electrical system blueprint today.

    The amount of comfort it provides defeats the small increase in price by offering the user to turn on and off any electrical equipment from more than one location.

    The most common application of multiway switching is for lighting systems and it is usually put into practice in common areas of a building. What do you think about it?


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