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Artem Kropachev

Experience :
- Norilsk Nickel mining-metallurgical plant design institute
- ARUP since 2004 : MEP manager in Saint-Petersburg office / Russia

His article generated a very good technical debate about MV/LV parallel transformers in electrical distribution with arguments for and against this tape distribution: Parallel transformers benefits.
(See all comments at the bottom of this article)

All about Harmonics and Power factor!

If you need to improve Energy Efficiency in Electrical power distribution, just follow the road...

Low Power Factor and Harmonics are nuisance for Electrical Installations like curves and bumps are nuisance for the motorist. Fuel mileage and comfort would be improved with straight and smooth roads. In electrical equipment installations, Energy efficiency could be improved with Power Factor Correction and Harmonic mitigation.

A little bit of theory in Electrical Engineering on:

Following topics will be published in the following weeks, therefore you have to secure your subscription to our BLOG (fill your mail address at the top right of the blog home page) :

  • How Power Factor and Harmonics relate to Energy Efficiency?
  • What are the benefits of PFC and Harmonic mitigation
  • How to improve Power Factor?
  • How to mitigate Harmonics?
  • To know more about Harmonics...


Variable speed drives are cost effective

Practical case of energy efficiency: give some data about a better exploitation of Variable Speed Drives in building maintenance and building design.





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