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1. What happens when lightning wave travels from aluminum conductor to copper conductor on a distribution substation?

2. What should I basically include in my Grid-Tied PV design?

3. Pzt and electrostrictive actuators need help

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    Current Transformers

    Current transformers can be defined as the type of instrumental transformers which are used to convert very high currents which can burn or cause damage to measuring instruments like ammeters or other small devices like relays, into lower current values, which are in direct proportion to their higher, primary current values.

    This article gives details about the different types of current transformers. Did it help you?

    3 Phase Transformers

    Here’s the last part of Nasir’s complete tutorial on Transformers (11 parts!). We’d like to thank him for his work and contribution. We are also open to suggestions if you need articles on any specific topic, let us know and we will try our best to post it.

    If you guys have any problem with any part of this tutorial, let Nasir on the forum and he will explain it in detail to you.

    Power System contingencies

    The security of a power system is very important to be evaluated to make sure whether the system will continue working in case one or more element stops to function properly.

    CA can thus be summarized to be a system planning tool as well as the powers system on-line analysis technique which can be easily used by the dispatchers and the network engineers owing to the swiftness of the process. Do you agree?


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