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1. How to save time and money by choosing the right cooling system for your electrical enclosures for FREE?

2. Does voltage optimization work with variable speed drives?

3. If generator is under-excited will the power factor be leading or lagging?

4. How long the motor bearing will last if it is running 24 hours everyday?

5. Need information about electrical load calculation in construction

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    Multiple Winding Transformer

    A Multiple Winding Transformer can be defined as the one which has more than one primary or secondary windings connected to each other in some special type of configuration in order to provide the required output voltage levels or drive a number of loads at the output.

    This can be referred to as one special characteristic of the transformer, as transformers are quite versatile devices and usually much advanced operations need to be accomplished with them rather than driving merely one output from a single primary coil. Multiple Winding Transformers are also known as “Multiple Coil Transformers” or “Multi Wound Transformers”.

    Check this article from the back to basics series about transformers. You'll know everything about the principle of a mutliple winding transformer.

    Dual Voltage Transformers

    A dual voltage transformer can be defined as the one which is capable of providing two types of voltages i.e. if the two separate windings are connected in series, they will provide the sum of voltages supplied to the two coils and if the two windings are connected in parallel, then the net voltage will be decreased.

    These voltages can be switched within the transformer according to the type of output required, just be using a dual voltage switch

    Nasir’s 8th article from his back to basics series about transformers explores the 2 types of voltages at the output. If you want your works, testimonies, personal opinion, reviews or tutorials to be published in the blog, just send us a mail.

    Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS)

    Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), a US utility industry dealing in combined research and development arm, has now decided to fund Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) technology, a solution for the above mentioned problems. In FACTS solid state devices are employed to keep in check the transmission systems when there is a huge power flow.

    EPRI along with researchers have invested in FACTS both in terms of its value and capability. Currently FACTS is focusing mainly on the improvement of transmission potential, figuring diverse ways to control power flow, to control the voltage and to add to the lower voltage systems’ plus points.

    This is all you have to know about Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS). Unless you want say anything more…


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