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1. How to design a voltage stabilizer and what are the criterias to be considered?

2. How to make a remote control for digital electric meter?

3. Hyundai Magnetic Connector (U-Series): why magnetic connectors coil burn in timing switching?

4. How to prepare and make basic heat energy to electrical energy?

5. How a high voltage transformer rectifier is designed used for electrostatic precipitator?

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    Faults in Electrical Systems

    We all are familiar and encountered at least once the phenomenon of fault occurrence in electrical system. A power system failure across the town that happened due to a storm breakout or an internal equipment fault that disrupted your local power supply

    these are all essentially the cases of faults in electrical systems. Through this article we tried to examine this phenomenon in little more detail.

    This article was written by one of the members of the Electrical Engineering community. If you want to write an article for the ECC blog just like him, simply send a mail to the team.

    Buck Booster Transformer

    Buck Boost Transformer comes under the class of transformers whose main function is to alter the amount of voltage being received by various alternating current appliances and devices as per their requirement. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology, being widely used mostly in the computer industry, and the technology used in the tanning beds are based on the buck booster transformer technology.

    One of the forum members said that “the demand for buck boost transformers are increasing day by day”, do you agree with him?
    ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) Based Power System Restoration

    ANN stands for Artificial Neural Network and is based on the lines of the human brain and so is its performance when dealing with problems. The emphasis in this post is on the factors that limit the functionality of PSR (Power System Restoration) techniques used currently and how these can be improved by applying the technology of Artificial Neutral Networks.

    Did this article draw your interest?

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