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1. Using airplane electrical outlet for charging a computer?

2. Where can I find wooden poles and OHL accessories?

3. Auxiliary Contactor

4. Select the right size of emergency generator

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    Load Frequency Control (LFC)

    Two main variables that change during transient power load are: area frequency and tie line power interchange. The concept of Load Frequency Control (LFC) is directly related to the aforementioned variables since the task is to minimize this variation. The key thing is to maintain the steady state at null position. In this vein, effective measures like Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC) have been developed that allow practical control. The combination of active power and frequency control is generally known as Load Frequency Control.

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    Softwares for Power System Analysis

    It is quite evident that the usage of such simulations has become necessary. Not only it saves cost for development for prototype but also increases the feasibility of the project. With better understanding of the electrical systems, more complex simulations can be run. This post introduces Professional Engineers/students with different software that are available for Power System Analysis (PSA). All of the software’s listed below have some unique features that make them different from the other.

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    AC Power (back to basics)

    AC power in any electric circuit is the rate of flow of energy at a specific part of that electric circuit. As we all know, the electric energy flow from the generation side toward the consumer load side. But some part of this energy is bounce back to generation side and some part is completely utilized by the load.

    This article is a basic explanation of Active Power. Did this help you?


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