The building business: revolution inside?

Energy Efficiency stake is putting pressure on Architects & Engineers in order to optimize the different solutions that bring more comfort and more savings: they have to prove, they have to simulate, they have to do modelling ... they need more expert software's.

We are facing 2 revolution:

  • A tool revolution with more and more complex software's that does drawing, 3D visualization, simulation, etc in all fields such as architect, civil & electrical engineering ...

» As an electrical engineer, you never heard about BIM (Building Information Modelling) and you wish to understand what is at stake?
» As a soft manufacturer, you believe that the big suppliers with a comprehensive BIM soft offer are going to win this race!
» As a soft manufacturer, your strategy is to concentrate on specific soft's complying with the new standardisation initiative IFC.( Industry Foundation Classes ), more about

  • A job revolution that may push the small ones to disappear and the big ones to grow ...

» How can you manage it, if you are a small architect office?
» And what about it, if you are a small designing & contracting firm?

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» Electrical distribution category:

About Lightning in LV
» Lightning & Surge protection
» LV: Coordination between 2 Surge protection devices (SPD)
» LV surge protection installation
» Lightning risk management
» Surge protection devices: how to choose them?

About MV, LV electrical distribution design
» Power losses reduction in electrical distribution
» Parallel transformer electrical distribution
» Parallel transformers benefits

About MV disconnectors
» Electrical Safety in Medium Voltage

For Consultants: Power losses reduction in electrical distribution

There is one rule that is sometimes forgotten during the design, which is the place of the transformer and the main low voltage switchboard as close as possible to their load centre (centre of gravity of the consumers) ...


For everybody: How green are Compact Fluorescent Lights ?

Some aspects related to this technology are less idyllic and should be considered in the global assessment


For Electrical Designers: Parallel transformers benefits

I wish to present here the benefits of utilization and operation of MV/LV parallel transformers in electrical distribution . Having such experience, i will be interested to get feedbacks from other engineers.



For Electrical Designers : how to choose surge protection device ?


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