This month, our debate is related to our recent article, Contractors are all cheaters?

After publishing this article from Helmut, we found out that we didn't cover the subject of busbar trunking systems (or busway)until now.

And thinking about it, we started to ask ourselves the question which we address to all contractors reading this news, through this debate:

Contractors, why don't you use busways (busbar trunking systems) more often in your projects?

1/ I don't know about busways

2/ The projects specifications do not require busways

3/ Busway solutions are too expensive

4/ Other reason

If you are not a contractor yourself but want to contribute to this debate, you may send us a mail or add a comment on the article Contractors are all cheaters?

This month we present you one of our forum members: Adnan Irshad

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  • Thinks the community is doing good and he's always present
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