In fact, this month, our debate is not really a debate, but rather a proposition (which you can debate ;-))

Our community today, with its blog and its forum, has reached a level of more than 40.000 visits in September, the forum has around 13000 registered members, 750 topics and over 2500 posts.

What we are considering, to face this huge number of members in particular, is to give more responsibilities to community members themselves in the animation and evolution of the Forum.

We have thought about some possible ways you could contribute to the Forum. In order of importance, in our eyes:

1/ answer to the questions asked on the forum

2/ post your own topics on the forum, with useful and relevant technical information for electrical engineers (not promotional contents)

3/ moderate (suppress spams ...)

4/ suggest some ideas of evolution of the forum (structure, categories ...).

If you feel ready to contribute to the Forum, in one of these ways (or several, or other ways ...), you can send us a mail telling back how you propose to help !

Thanks in advance for your active contribution to the community !

This month we present you one of our forum members: Razaque Magsi

  • His current job: Engineer in karachi water and sewerage board
  • From Karachi. Pakistan
  • Electrical mechanical field is the subject which interest him the most
  • Thinks the movement is ok, doing good
  • If you would like to become a moderator yourself, you can tell us by mail

    Contractors are all cheaters?

    This month we published an article proposed by Helmut, saying:

    "I really appreciated the previous post panelbuilders are all cheaters raising right questions on prefabricated solutions versus traditional solutions with lot of cabling.

    I used a similar slogan in my article as I would like to question in the same way the electrical contractors who, I don’t understand really why, do not seem to always propose the best solution …"


    Forum news

    We need your help !

    If you can answer one of the questions below, just take 5 minutes to do it : the person asking may become the one to answer YOUR questions in the future !

    1. Induction Heater use in Remote villages where voltage is low
    2. Voltage from power transformer
    3. ON off control of AC motor/Pump
    4. Calculation regarding capacitor bank with reactor

    Thanks in advance for your active contribution to our community

    Moderator team

    News Forum of the month

    We have more and more people who register to become members of our community forum.
  • already 12 900 members
  • which means 540 new members in the last two months
  • 740 topics, for a total of 2 530 posts

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