This month we want to share with you the feedback regarding the PowerFacaging calculator. (June 2012 newsletter, n°34)

As a short reminder, PowerFacAging is a calculator we have developed, to estimate the ROI of Capacitor banks, and also to show and calculate the energy cost savings that are being lost today in many electrical installations, due to capacitors aging and lack of proper maintenance.

The calculator has been put online since June 26th 2012, it has been an active topic as we already got >1200 users

Thanks to this active involvment from our community, we can already draw one main conclusion:
40% of users are suprised by the impact of capacitors aging on cost savings, which highlights the importance of a proper maintenance of capacitor banks to be sure they brings the right level of expected savings on energy costs.

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    Measure the consumption, first step of energy performance

    The idea is not innovative, but its application, however, opens up the prospect of quite substantial savings. Measurement equipments now facilitate the task and provide an instructive inventory of energy consumption. Measurement is the foundation stone of energy performance before considering heavier investments.


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