In our last newsletter "special edition", we have shared a preliminary review of the new MCC drawer solutions which can improve operator safety.

You have been interested in this review and we received a significant number of feedback, which confirm that:

  • MCC drawer solutions with high safety level are commonly used in process industries like Oil&Gaz and Mining, and also more and more used in Hospitals, Data Centers...

  • in these critical sites, the solution is generally MCC withdrawable, often in form 4, and with interlocking functions to minimize the risks of arcing when inserting/disconnecting the drawers.

  • it is considered as a safe solution if properly designed, and if maintenance workers are properly trained and have to follow strict working procedures

  • What surprised us is the feedback which seems to indicate that maintenance operators are less and less qualified, even on critical sites

    Do you agree with that ?

    > NO

    > if YES, according to you, what would be the best solution to compensate the loss of competence:
    (Choose only one of these solutions, best compromise for you. They are sorted from the highest to lowest extra-cost)

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    PowerFacAging calculator is on-line !

    75% of capacitor banks do not bring the expected benefits
    Did you know that ?

    As a short reminder, PowerFacAging is a calculator we have developed, to estimate the ROI of Capacitor banks, and also to show and calculate the energy cost savings that are being lost today in many electrical installations, due to capacitors aging and lack of proper maintenance.

    Just click here to start using it !

    To share with us your opinion about this calculator:

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