Applications where Variable Speed Drive is the preferred solution for motor control?

Last month, we asked you in which applications usage of LV fuses is almost mandatory because LV circuit-breakers are technically not well adapted to the requirements.
==> you have been 41% to answer: "protection of speed drives"

To have a more complete understanding, our complementary question this month is:

What are the main applications where Variable Speed Drive is the preferred solution for motor control?

> Lifts
> Material handling
> Hoisting
> Other

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing !


Bio-electricity: reducing the electromagnetic impact in the tertiary sector

Bio-electricity or electricity bio-compatible begins to be a popular topic in the individual housing sector and interests also some tertiary market project owners.

Since the 90’s, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) has been taken into account in standards and regulations. Today, manufacturers and engineering consulting firms have well integrated the corresponding technical requirements. But beyond these technical considerations, that aim to ensure the proper operation of the equipments, what about the impact of electrical and magnetic radiations on human health?


PowerFacAging Calculator project: prototype of the future results produced by the tool
Last month we told you about our project to develop a Power Factor calculation tool, focused on Energy savings obtained when installing capacitor banks (and not, as many exist, to calculate the kvar required to improve power factor).
We have chosen a name for this project: PowerFacAging calculator.

Why this name? Because to make a fair estimation of the savings, it is important to look at the complete life cycle of the capacitor banks (capacitors are a bit like batteries, charging and discharging them makes them progressively less efficient) and of the electrical installation itself which will most probably evolve along the time (new loads added ...).

To keep you posted with this project, here is a first idea of the typical result which we want the tool to provide:
* a clear view of the yearly cost savings obtained when installing PFC
* an estimation of investment cost and payback time (not yet implemented here)
* and also an idea of how these cost savings will evolve during installation time

==> please tell us what you think about it, simply send us a mail or if you prefer add a comment to the dedicated forum topic

Moderator team
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1. Aluminium Busbar joints & supports
2. DC-DC converter drive of DC motor with motoring and regenerative control
3. CHP area - Thermal power plant
4. Static Electric
5. Moldy Pulling Rope?

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