In which applications LV fuses are mandatory?

This month, we need your help as we try to understand better what are the applications where LV fuses are much more adapted than LV circuit-breakers because CBs are technically not fully adapted to the requirements.

Please select in the list below the applications where you consider LV fuses as almost mandatory because LV circuit-breaker are not technically well adapted:

1. Protection of speed drives
2. Protection against short-circuit when CB characteristics are too short (Voltage >=500V, High Icc level)
3. Protection of capacitor banks
4. Protection in DC applications (UPS, PV inverters...)

If you're thinking about other applications, please tell us the applications where fuses are technically more adapted than CB, in a comment to this forum topic

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the community knowledge sharing !

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    Community news

    This year one of our projects is to create a simple on-line calculator which would make it possible for the visitors to:

  • evaluate the energy savings obtained with capacitor bank (Power Factor Correction)
  • estimate the cost for the required capacitor bank
  • view the corresponding payback time

  • We do believe that worlwide there is still a lot of energy savings to catch with the help of Power Factor correction solutions, so this small tool could help increase the awarenees about it.

    We didn't see any such tool on the web (as far as we could see), only tools to calculate the size of the capacitor banks (kvar).

    As usual, to make this calculator usual for our community, we would like to get your inputs about it:

  • do you know any existing calculator with these functionalities?
  • do you have some ideas about how this calculator should be working (inputs, outputs ...)?
  • You can tell us your interest in this topic or send us your ideas as a comment to this dedicated forum topic.

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