To day, do you consider harmonics as a real problem?

» As a day to day consumer, I would probably say NO, because this problem is generally hidden by an equipment failure, a breakdown, a maintenance programme ..., as an Investor, it's an other story.

» As an investor's adviser, my answer is YES because I know that Harmonics problems have a strong economic impact: replacement of equipment, tripping causing production stop...

» As an engineer, my answer is YES: I need to design technical applications that will reduce overloads in networks, electrical equipment ageing, supply energy distortion, communication network disturbances.

» Energy Efficiency - solar -

A first article on photovoltaic: What's happening in Europe and in France? testimony from GIMELEC


- How to choose a surge protection device?
- Harmonics overview.
- BIM building design software: trend towards "open source" business?

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Variable speed drives are cost effective
Practical case of energy efficiency: data about a better exploitation of Variable Speed Drives in building maintenance and building design.

Boost Building Energy Efficiency

Just listen to this nice voice that presents to day investment in Europe for boosting energy efficiency. (you need to have access to Youtube application unless, sorry the page will stay totally white).



Keyword tool for engineering search

When you need to know how often a concept or a specific need is requested by the market you can think of what is searched on the web especially through the search engine "Google", we tell you here how simple it is ... just follow the example.


Electrical safety in Medium Voltage

MV disconnectors: safe or not safe devices ? that is the question ... presented at last CIRED conference.



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