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As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we recently opened our first private sharing area, to share Electrical Calculation tools between members. It is a real success, as already 14 tools are accessible to the members who have chosen to share their own tool.

Based on this first success, we'd like to know :

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your own electrical calculation tools, or other useful tools for electrical engineers...

This month we present you one of our active forum members: Ahmadalsayed20


  • Electrical Power and Control Engineer from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon.
  • Working in Saudi Oger (Saudi Arabia) as a technical Electrical Engineer.
  • Interested in all the subjects concerning the design of electrical installations.
  • Is a member since 2011/09/10 and has already made 11 posts.
  • Believes the community is very useful for electrical engineers.

  • Link to Ahmadalsayed20 profile on the forum

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    Schneider Electric sells products with fuses … LOL

    Read this interesting story from FredG:

    "After more than 20 years trying to convince me to use low-voltage circuit breakers everywhere, the sales engineer from Schneider Electric, whom I know very well, approached me about using fuses …

    I could not believe my ears!

    I wanted to share my story with you and get your opinion."



    Forum topics with no answer yet !

    We need your help !

    If you can answer one of the questions below, just take 5 minutes to do it : the person asking may become the one to answer YOUR questions in the future !


    1. Earthing strip size calculation
    2. Three phase voltage regulator
    3. Steam turbine
    4. Low voltage single phase induction motor
    5. Collection Surface Method – Lightning protection
    6. Transformer Tests

    Thanks in advance for your active contribution to our community

    Moderators team


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