This month we want to share with you the results of a previous debate about electrical calculation software (November 2010 newsletter, n°16).

It has been an active debate, as we received > 500 answers !

The question was: are you using an electrical calculation software?
and here are the results:

As you can see, 30% of respondents use their own tool more often than software like Ecodial, Caneco, XL-Pro or Simaris design ... Meaning that 30% people have made the effort to create and must maintain their own tool, by themselves, and cannot take benefit of others experiences and ideas.

Our proposition: for those who ar OK, share the tools you have developed !

But to make it a fair exchange, only people who have shared their own tool would access to others' tools.

You have developed your own electrical calculation tool, and would like to share with others?
==> send us a mail with your tool attached (if needed with a few explanations), and we will create the private sharing area, place your tool in it, and send you your exclusive access codes as sharing member so you can access the tools from others !


This month we present you one of our active forum members: Spir Georges GHALI.

  • Electrical Engineer Consultant based in Aleppo-Syria
  • Studied at Aleppo in the University of Electrical Engineering
  • Has his Electrical Engineering Office doing the studies for Industrial & Commercial sites
  • At the same time, Technical Support & Training manager for Hager Co. in some Arab countries
  • Also for Schneider Electric Syria, prepares and conducts pure technical seminars for engineers in Syria
  • Specialty: Calculation of LV networks
  • Link to Spir Georges GHALI's profile on the forum

    High Voltage: circuit breaker is cheaper!

    The debate between high voltage circuit breaker and fuse is back !!

    In this new article, Richard Douglas, from the UK, comes back to the debate of last year about MV/LV transformer protection using circuit-breakers or fuses.

    "There were a lot of comments confirming my opinion that circuit-breakers are the best MV/LV transformer protection solution.

    However, there were also comments, and that was the debate, that promote fuses as the preferred solution.

    One of the suggested reasons for this is that fuses are lower in price: I really think that this is an illusion ..."


    Forum topics with no answer yet !

    We need your help !

    If you can answer one of the questions below, just take 5 minutes to do it : the person asking may become the one to answer YOUR questions in the future !

    1. Calculation of KVA rating of welding T/F without name plate
    2. Frankenstein Thermostat re-design.
    3. Electrical load schedule
    4. Filters
    5. How to find apparent power and reactive power?
    6. VMM (voltage monitoring module)

    Thanks in advance for your active contribution to our community

    Moderators team

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