Here is a list of subjects we are planning to cover in coming articles, on our blog:

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  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • Short-circuits and their actual effects on people and installation

  • Electronization of motor starters

  • Continue the debate on fuse vs. circuit-breaker, in medium voltage and low voltage

  • Earthing schemes and earth leakage protection

  • Software for designers – medium voltage

  • Load-shedding

  • Evolution of “energy efficiency” regulations in countries

  • Capacitors end of life (capacitor banks)

  • If you are interested or would like to contribute to one of these subjects, just add a comment such as “I’m interested by the subject xxxxx” or send us by mail your suggestions or articles you would like to publish here.


    This month we present you one of our forum moderators: Shahnawaz Haque

  • Final year Electrical Engineering student from India
  • Interested in Indian Railways
  • Also interested in software testing and bugs finding
  • Link to Shahnawaz's profile on forum

    If you would like to become a moderator yourself, you can tell us by mail.

    Understand electrical circuit – comparison with water system

    To understand the electrical circuit physically the circuit can be thought as a closed water system, one of our readers Muhammad Ziauddin shared this article with us. This article is just for the novice learners so that they can understand the electrical network physically without complex imagination. The main logic behind this article is a water system is easy to understand and if a student wants to think further about the electrical characteristics he can easily do it.


    Forum topics with no answer yet !

    We need your help !

    If you can answer one of the questions below, just take 5 minutes to do it : the person asking may become the one to answer YOUR questions in the future !

    1. How to calculate the Vo(dc) of a fullwave bridge rectifier with n smoothing capacitor? and also how to find the smoothing capacitor value?
    2. Need Solar Power Calculation Software
    3. The different between Hamonic filter bank and SVC?
    4. Design harmonic filter bank for new factory
    5. Acheiving of powerfactor
    6. Active harmonic filterr
    7. Sizing for Battery-Capacitor capacity
    8. Logic behind nomenclature of power contactors 3TF35, 3TF47?
    9. Power supply
    10. LBS and fuser

    Thanks in advance for your active contribution to our community


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