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    Eric Kench, P.E.

  • A licensed professional engineer of the state of New York
  • 24 years work experience in the engineering sector after graduating from Polytechnic Institute of New York
  • 3 certifications from the International Code Council.
  • Presently working as an independent consultant and seminar presentor for P.E. continuing studies.
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    Smart grid and its protection

    What if someone know whether you are at home by simply stealing your electricity consumption details?

    What if someone knows how much electricity you are using for certain appliances and sends you corresponding marketing material?

    What if a simple cyber intrusion can create blackout?


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    1. Cable Earth Termination
    2. Difference in behavior of Analog voltmeter and digital multimeter
    3. To read & understand control & protection drawings of electrical installations e.g Electrical Grid Station/ Sub-station
    4. Power utility Meter
    5. How to design our own single phase transformer 10KVA step down
    6. ABB lv sace switchgear
    7. MV motor RCD human protection
    8. Active Power Filter using Atemga16
    9. Setting of APFCR RELAY
    10. ac servo motor

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