Does everybody use Electrical Calculation Software in Low Voltage?

To size the cable and busways and check the protection of people and circuits (according to installations standard IEC60364 or local equivalent), and produce the required calculation reports for your electrical installations, you need some kind of tool.

It could be just an Excel sheet or one of the following software:
- XLpro2 Calcul software from Legrand 1.3
- Simaris Design 5.0 from Siemens
- MyEcodial L 3.4 from Schneider Electric
- Caneco BT 5.3 from ALPI (software editor)

What about you today, what kind of tool do you use most often ?

> One of the 4 mentioned software
> Another software
> A tool you created yourselves (Excel sheet or other)

don't hesitate to tell us more about these tools through your comments in the related forum topic or blog article

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