Intelligent building: fully automatic or not?

In terms of control solutions for new buildings, do you think that fully automatic solutions will be more and more the common rule?

Or do you rather believe that most future solutions will let the occupants choose their environment conditions while telling them the impact on their energy consumption?

As an occupant in your office building, what is your opinion?

> more and more fully automatic buildings

> solutions where occupants can decide knowingly

As a professional involved in the building market, what is your opinion?

> more and more fully automatic buildings

> solutions where occupants can decide knowingly

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Thermal imaging or retightening wire terminals, seriously?

Reading some forum discussions around loose electrical connections, it is obvious there are two camps of thoughts: one promotes regular retorquing or retightening of the wire terminals, while the other calls for thermal imaging.

But I guess the question is not even about retightening or thermal imaging of wire terminals...

And honestly I wonder if Mr Tettoc, and the visitors who commented that they thought it is a bright idea, have a real experience of how things evolve in such buildings after a few years, and what their occupants really think about it."


Intelligent building: the best solution?

Let me sum-up what was discussed in previous articles about intelligent building:

> no building automation ==> high energy consumption
> fully automatic building ==> occupants can't adapt their environment to their comfort needs, feel "trapped" by the system and may thus become less productive

Yes, but the right balance is not easy to find...

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