The Electrical Engineering Community is (still) for SALE

In our last email on April, 26 we announced to you all members of our beloved Electrical Engineering Community that we've decided to sell the entire website with its helpful guides, its calculators and also its hyper-optimized AdWords account and database.

Well, please advise that it's still for sale :) If you're interested in taking over this great community, please send us an email at We'll be happy to give you more details.

We thank you again for your active contribution to our community during all these years, it was a real pleasure to share this adventure with each of you.


The EEC team

Hazardous environments for your electrical installation designs

When dealing with electrical installations, you must be aware of some special scenarios that could come across, which require particular considerations in order to make a safe and reliable design for equipment and more important yet, for people's lives.

Here are scenarios that constitute restricted areas for most people, special places in which careful measures must be taken to enter in them.

What do you think of these types of environments?

Electrical installation fire: MV Autotransformer Fault (career story)

What happens when a MV AutoTransformer misconnection and a LV breaker hooked up to an inadequate wire size meet? FIRE!

Here's a story that D.Ros, an electrical engineer based in Germany, kindly sent us. Enjoy the details on the day his electrical installation caught fire and please note that the aim is not to denounce but to understand better the situation so that you all can be careful in the future during your own electrical projects.

Has your electrical installation ever caught fire (the cause has to be electrical)?

Solar Panels Optimization using MPPT Controllers

The device that allows to charge a battery is the DC-DC converter, also called the charge controller. There are two main kinds of charge controllers in the market, the MPPT and the PWM.

The MPPT is an algorithm used in the DC-DC converters to obtain the maximum power of the photovoltaic modules, for this, the duty cycle of the converter is varied, managing to vary the voltage of the module to the point of maximum power.

Do you think solar panels optimization using MPPT Controllers is effective?


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