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1. 5 Impacts of weather on Power Electrical Systems

2. 5 Electrical engineering Activities for Children

3. Challenge puzzle for electrical engineers

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: Ginnie

  • A freelancer
  • From Venezuela
  • Transmission line design and Power System-Protection are the subjects that particularly interest her.
  • Don't really visits the forum but read the blog articles from time.
  • Thinks the electrical engineering community in her country is basically non-existent and would like to have more free resources to expand general knowledge.

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Synchronizing or Paralleling of Generators

Synchronous Generator (or Alternator) is one of those inventions which had changed the face of the world. It has allowed us to make use of mechanical energy into electrical energy making life simpler.

Furthermore this electrical power is used for various conveniences in Industries, Educational Institutes, Transportation, Shopping Malls etc.

What's your opinion on this article? Did it help?

Power generation: which element is the ultimate one? (Wind, Water or Sun)

Renewable energy sources are more and more used probably because they're the cleanest and safest. These sources are available in nature and as the elements.

Hydropower, wind energy, and solar energy; let's analyse their respective energies, and their electricity generation capabilities.

Which one would you crown the ultimate renewable energy source in electricity generation?

Electrical substations: how drawings are the KEY?

It doesn't matter if your work is to do maintenance, plan expansions, remove, compensate or to implement a new sequence of maneuvers for a specific circuit; the conclusion is the same: drawings are necessary.


They also need to be as clear as possible. Let's explore an interesting way to exploit their potential in substations in the benefits of time and caution measures.

Do you feel drawings are key tools in electrical substations?


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