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  • Thinks that it would be nice to have more content about safety policies in solar generators and motors.

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Analysis of transients in layered type transformer windings

Motors and distribution transformers are constantly exposed to fast surges, when they are switched by circuit breakers.

Reigniting occurs during the switching of motors and transformers with vacuum circuit breakers, because of their ability to interrupt high-frequency currents. Let's analyse the measured and calculated voltages of the transformer.

What do you think about this analysis involving transients and transformers?

Control of an industrial blower using a variable speed drive

Electrical motors form the horsepower of industry; they are included in almost all applications. The most common type used in industry is the alternating current motor.

There are several methods for controlling ac motors, each method has its merits and disadvantages, however they can be classified into classical and modern.

Have you ever worked on a project involving Industrial Blowers and Variable Speed Drives?

Electrical Generators Synchronization: why is it important for solar in emerging countries?

Electrical Generators are a major cause of polluting environment and reducing your fossil fuels by burning tons of fuels on daily basis.

Solar Energy might be the solution for emerging countries like Pakistan as this electrical engienner explains in this article.

Do you live in an emerging country and do you use solar energy? What do you think about electrical generators VS Solar energy?


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