Feedback on the Electrical Installation Guide 2018

Last month we gave you the opportunity to download the Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) 2018 for FREE. This exclusive document is written by a team of experts and helps you to keep up with the IEC standards to be applied in 2018.

More than a thousand of you downloaded it and gave us great feedbacks. It's not late if you want to DOWNLOAD it for FREE!

If you're late, just know that the Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) covers every important topic related to electrical installation and all the IEC standards and technical evolutions which have changed a lot since 2017.

It is definitely a reference work every professional should get ASAP (consultant, designer, contractor, panel builder or facility manager, teacher, student, etc.).

From now on you'll be able to install reliable commercial, industrial, or domestic electrical installations. Instead of 60 euros we provide you the EIG 2018 FOR FREE!

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: AHand

  • A masters degree graduated currently working for a company that integrates solar photovoltaic systems as a temporary job until he starts his PhD.
  • From Egypt, sometimes located in Germany.
  • Medium-voltage and low-voltage switchgear is the subject that particularly interests him.
  • Visits the forum whenever he can.
  • Thinks that it would be nice to relate the community to the field, because sometimes we need some technical guidance on the field with a product that we do not have much experience with. To him, that's waht's missing in the community; a video conference on-site might be useful in his opinion.
  • Has a personal website, where he shares his notes and displays his projects;

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    Safety basics and risks avoidance

    Radical energies and complex mechanisms are used and implemented in all industrial processes nowadays.

    In such a scenario, absolute safety is not achievable but reduction of risks to acceptable level is possible.

    Do you agree with these tips on how to stay safe and avoid risks while working in the industry as electrical engineers?

    Solar system: how to design a grid-tied with battery backup system

    Every photovoltaic system (PV system) has its own constraints, each one different from the other. Some are related to shades, others to space or costs.

    A good design of the PV system must be able to cover the needs of the customer and face the constraints, finding a technical and economic solution to the problem.

    What do you think about this career story about solar system design?

    Effects of Room Temperature Vulcanization coating on MV insulators

    Hydrophobic insulators are quite a requirement in the areas along coastal belts. Increased salt concentrations in the atmosphere damage the insulators in many ways.

    What about the effects and the solutions you can apply?

    Have you more knowledge to share about this topic?


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