Tips from Electrical Engineers

This month we chose to make a selection of the best Tips from Electrical Engineers you could get.

Indeed, some members of our community nicely accepted to tell us more about their experience and tips while working on electrical projects. Check them below!

Enjoy 3 of the numerous tips given by 3 electrical engineers:

1. Tips to Optimize the Life of Electrical Switchgear

2. 5 tips to stay motivated during an Electrical Wiring project

3. Tips to install a good measuring system

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: Andrei

  • A full time freelancer at the moment
  • From Chiba, Japan
  • Industrial command and control of heavy machinery and integration of green technologies in residential areas are the subjects which interest him the most
  • Visits the forum sometimes because he thinks that a lot of knowledge shared, new ideas and troubleshooting experience. There are times when he doen't remember the meaning of symbols or code on a device and the forum or blog posts comes to the rescue.
  • Thinks that what's lacking in the community is articles about CAD software and takeoff software that really help electricians nowadays.
  • You can check his facebook page about BMS (a lot of electronics but it is related to electrical systems too as he has a power distribution controller designed as well)

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    Electrical switchboards in 2050: AC or DC?

    AC has always dominated because the step-up and step-down transformer permitted efficient transmission of high powers over long distances.

    But that advantage is not very clear now. Can we say that times chage or is it temporary?

    Have you ever wondered what your grandchildren will use between AC and DC?

    Lighting Design Tips

    Light is so essential in our live, we can't live without. Light affects everything on earth including plants, animals and also humans.

    What about lighting design considerations and how to facilitate the lighting design process?

    What's your comments on these tips?

    Solar Power Systems: Challenges & Industry

    Though solar energy is cheap, readily unavailable and clean, like every other system, it does harbour a myriad of challenges and problems.

    Lets's focus on the major drawbacks behind solar power systems and the impact on the industry.

    What do you think about solar power systems?


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