Electrical Equipement Selection

This month let's focus on Electrical Equipement Selection which is essential for a safe and effective electrical installation.

Throughout the years, several electrical engineers kindly sent us articles about it. Check 3 of them below...

Read 3 articles with the best tips to select your equipement as an electrical engineer:

1. MV/LV substation: selection of power transformers

2. How to Select an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

3. Top 10 factors that govern selection of medium voltage drives

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: Waqas

  • A student in the MSc Electrical Engineering (smart grids) program from Finland.
  • From Pakistan and Finland for his studies.
  • IoT, Industrial Automation, Smart Metering, RTUsare the subjects which interest him the most.
  • Thinks that there's a lack of push for awareness in the Electrical Engineering Community. Thinks that people need to get acquainted to the idea of digitization of the grid, and how automation can lead to greater efficiency, reliability and safety especially in his country.
  • Visits the Electrical Engineering blog and forum often to keep hiself updated about the latest news.

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    Electrical equipment: Megger vs Doble

    Insulation of an electrical equipment is generally associated with the capacity of the material to withstand a potential difference (voltage) at specific environmental conditions.

    Maintenance and measurements of insulation in transformers, conductors, circuit breakers, motors and others is crucial to ensure the lifetime of the equipment. That's why most technicians perform the insulation resistance test as a quality control measurement.

    What's your opinion, should we rather use Megger or Dobble?

    Overcurrent protection function

    Current protection schemes are integrated into power system designs to protect the power system components from the excessive withdrawal of current and short-circuit currents.

    Overcurrent protections follow 19 well-defined time characteristic curves, which define the time delay before the tripping angle as a function of the current.

    What's your comments on this topic?

    Emergency Electrical Systems in Facilities

    Have you ever been in a mall and noticed some lights went off for a while and then came back? Have you asked yourself why did they just turn off?

    The answer is the emergency electrical system! Let's discuss some considerations about emergency systems with an overview about some aspects of emergency systems in different facilities and their equipment.

    What do you think about emergency systems and what's your installation?


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