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Hi everybody! Here is our 100th newsletter! For this occasion we've made a list of the 10 topics you've liked the most in our 100 newsletters.

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1. Best electrical calculation software review

Comparison between 4 electrical calculation software, used for the design and calculation of electrical installation.

2. Panel builders are all cheaters?

Rant by a young professional in charge of electrical maintenance and new works of a Lime production site in Belgium.

3. Applications where LV fuses are technically more adapted than LV circuit-breakers?

Forum discussion in which several electrical engineers try to understand what are the applications where LV fuses are much more adapted than LV circuit-breakers.

4. Understand electrical circuit - comparison with water system

5. Electrical installation harmonic problems part 1

Harmonics-related malfunctions are fortunately few in number nowadays. The main reason lies in the importance given to harmonics analysis in installation design. International standardisation has been tackling these phenomena for many years, and the standards and recommendations in force have produced results.

6. Earthing system design

Your feedbacks about an earthing plan which interconnects the earth electrodes meant for equipment earthing and those for lightning protection purposes.

7. Surge protector in switchboards > 50kA ?

When an electrical engineer has to install a surge protection device type 1 in high power electrical switchboard.

8. Thermal imaging or retightening wire terminals, seriously?

There are 2 camps of thoughts: promoting regular retorquing or retightening of the wire terminals, or calling for thermal imaging. Read the whole discussion and analysisi here.

9. Arc Flash: are NFPA 70E and IEEE1584 dangerous?

Working on the extension of the electrical installation of a site in Europe, owned by a large American industrial group.

10. Focus on electricity consumption of control panel components

Ignored for a long time, the electricity consumption of equipments and panel automation has begun to interest manufacturers and some contractors.

This was the 10 topics that raised your interest among our 100 newsletters!

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Electrical Protection Systems: Design & Installation

A system which is responsible for protecting electrical systems from faults by isolating the faulty part from the rest of the system, so power is not disconnected from healthy parts and this increases system reliability and efficiency.

The devices used to implement the protection scheme is called protection devices and we will mention them and what is the role each one does as follows.

Do you have more to share with the community about this topic?

Cleaning of electrical equipment and switchgear

Keeping the electrical components of a switch gear clean and contamination free is quite important for its safe and reliable operation.

Cleaning is a part of every routine maintenance schedule of a substation and separate teams are often assigned for the purpose. Choosing the right kind of cleaning methods is necessary as the wrong methods may damage the equipment or prove to be un-economical.

What other tips can you give for a good cleaning of electrical equipment?

Distance Protection Schemes & Relay Settings applied to Multiterminal Lines

Multiterminal lines tipically have at least a weak source in one of their terminals. This condition could negatively affect the performance of the protection systemduring the ocurrence of a faultalong the lines.

Therefore it is necessary to implement a protection scheme that allows an adequate operation of the protection relays.

What do you think about this topic?


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