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Information Technology & Communication (ITC) as a lever for value creation in energy efficiency : is it relevant for you
as a promotor or an investor ?
 in your consulting job to end users ?
 in your day to day design projects ?

About Energy Efficiency : Which applications are you interested in ?
Power factor improvement
Harmonics reduction
Tell us your need ...

Do engineering schools & universities teach the database "Building Information Modelling" (BIM) as a major future standard in building design ?
Only companies such as Auto desk are pushing this standard

Jacques Schonek

Experience : Variable speed drives, harmonics mitigation, power quality, system architecture, power factor correction

5 articles :
 Facts about "CO2 emission"
 How green are Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) ?
 CO2 emission by countries
 Swapping incandescent light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lights
 Wasting our watts : article in TIME mag

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 Software for electrical installation

This article is presenting several small, simple & usefull calculators in electrical installation

Welcome to this Electrical Engineering Blog !

This Blog is a multi contributors blog that deals with engineering topics in electrical installation & energy management (mainly IEC). This site has been created in April 2009 and propose to share :

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If you are a technician, consultant, engineer, this place is available for sharing information and making comments and suggestions. Within this field,  if you want to learn about  web collaboration and exchange, this place is also yours ...

François B.

Lightning & Surge protection
Today many designers think it is enough to connect a surge arrestor (or surge protector device - SPD -) on the grid : this is not true !
15 years of experience in the field of surge protection lead me to write that the technology and understanding of phenomena has evolved ...


city lightning

Smart bookmarks
How to better manage your bookmarks on your PC and benefit from the findings of others in areas that interest you? The answer is in "delicious", an application that you download for free on the web ; I find this feature as a very powerful tool for technical & marketing research in our Engineering job ; it's a way of putting in common individual findings


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