Work lights: Test, Reviews and Comparison – July 2024

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Paradoxically, although an electrician is on site to bring light, he often works in the dark: installation of the electrical panel, installation of a VMC, connection of the lights… so many work situations that require careful attention.

And according to each case, it is necessary to have dedicated lighting tools.

I therefore suggest that you describe the tools I use to help me during my electrical work.

Mobility: prefer the front end!
Always on the move, whether in the attic, drilling holes for ceiling spots or drawing power from a crawl space, these are the tasks that await you.

In these cases, it is therefore necessary to be able to light the desired place while benefiting from your hands to be able to work.

The headlamp then becomes the essential ally.

There are several models, from the headlamp with a single lamp to the one equipped with several beams according to needs:

Fixed work: install a projector for site lighting
Fixed construction site projector:
Some tasks, such as installing the electrical panel, require staying in the same place and therefore being illuminated by a fixed device that is quite powerful, such as a site halogen.

Of course, the use of a site projector requires the presence of voltage. If you use this projector when making the electrical panel, the electricity is cut off.

If you have installed a site box, the projector can be powered.

If you do not have a site electrical panel, you should choose a mobile solution

Battery-powered construction site projector:
Thanks to LED technology, battery-powered construction site projectors have appeared (there are also LED projectors on the market).

I have one that allows me to effectively illuminate the areas in a wide range.

The battery can last about 45 minutes / 1 hour.
The power is less than a fixed projector but largely sufficient to work in dark areas (the fixed projector is sometimes too aggressive in confined areas and gives off too much heat, which is not the case with the led construction projector)
In the context of the construction of the electrical panel, this time period is often too short. But for the installation of a VMC, the lighting time is sufficient!

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I also have an even more powerful model, the Bosch GLI VariLED construction site lamp, which is even more mobile and has a much longer autonomy.

Diagnosis and quotation: nothing beats a good flashlight
When I travel to make a quote, I often have to inspect dark places. There is no question of using a projector that is too bulky in this case.

I then use two different tools:

Battery-powered flashlight:
I use a battery-powered flashlight. I chose the Bosch GLI 10,8V licar model the battery is compatible with the one I use for my heating jacket (see article here)

Very practical, it has a long autonomy – I have never really calculated because the battery passes between the different tools.
Alternative: Construction site lighting with a smartphone:
Another alternative for lighting on a construction site is to use the flashlight of the smartphone (LED). It is a last resort lighting, but it can be useful when you have nothing on hand.

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