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The electronic soldering iron is useful for all your small electronic or electrical soldering jobs in everyday life. The power of electronic soldering irons varies from 20 watts to more than 100 watts. Whether for work requiring a low-heat power (small electric soldering, tinsmithing work) or more important work (taps, plumbing…), you will find the right electronic soldering iron.

Why use an electronic soldering iron?

Having an electronic soldering iron allows you to save a lot of time. Has the wire on your headset detached? Your food processor no longer works because of a wrong contact on the power cable? Your soldering iron will help you out and save you from having to call a professional.

The soldering irons on the market today are characterized by their fast heating time: a few minutes after plugging them in, they are ready to use. If you are not a handyman, don’t panic: its ease of use makes it an accessible tool for everyone and guarantees safe use.

Buying a soldering iron is a profitable investment: you will save considerably on the cost of repairing or replacing your electronic devices.

The different brands and types of electronic soldering irons

The Handskit brand

Founded in 2012, the HANDSKIT group markets a wide range of various electronic tools. Its numerous certifications attest to the quality of its products, which are based on the latest electronic technologies. With a global presence, it is positioned as an authority in most areas of electronics: from simple tools (screwdrivers, scissors) to complete kits, as well as highly specialized technologies such as optics. Beginners and professionals alike will be able to find their contentment in its very extensive range of articles, and build their entire toolbox with this single brand.

  • Soldering iron kit 220V 60W:

The HANDSKIT 220V 60W soldering Iron is sold as a complete kit with a toolbox that includes a multimeter, a pair of test leads, a desoldering pump, 5 different iron tips, a soldering station (very practical to avoid accidents and solder safely), a pair of tweezers, soldering wire and rosin.
The soldering iron can heat from 392°F to 842°F and has a power of 60 watts. The leather bag, practical to store all the tools to avoid losing them and easy to transport, is the real plus of this product.

The VELLEMAN brand

Since its foundation in 1975, the Belgian brand Velleman has been manufacturing and distributing electronic tools for enthusiasts and amateurs. A leader in do-it-yourself kits according to RadioShack, Velleman is now operating internationally, with 165 employees worldwide and more than 37 million euros in sales.

Innovative in all areas (green electricity, 3D printer, connected watches…), the brand has nevertheless built its reputation on basic, simple and unpretentious products. It is this characteristic of its tools that makes them timeless and a sure value for any electronics enthusiast willing to invest in good quality equipment.

  • The Velleman soldering station:

The Velleman soldering station includes a ceramic heating element with a power of 48 watts. The temperature is set manually with an On/Off button and an LED lights up when the unit is powered on to ensure user safety.
The heating temperature of the soldering iron is between 302°F and 788°F. Available for about 50 euros, this product has a very good price-quality ratio.

The METERK brand

The METERK brand’s motto is to make any complex work accessible, at home, thanks to good quality tools, at reasonable prices, and most often sold in kits with instructions to ensure trouble-free use. METERK sells electronic soldering irons in kit form with everything you need to carry out your daily soldering tasks.

For about 30 euros, you will therefore have an electronic soldering iron, soldering wire, desoldering pump, and a toolbox containing a wire cutter, anti-static tweezers, soldering bit… METERK tools are suitable for both professionals and beginners: kit soldering irons are sold with a user manual and advice for your soldering. This ensures that you have all the cards in hand to use the tools without issues and in complete safety.

  • Meterk 14 in 1 Kit for Soldering and Desoldering:

The Meterk 14 in 1 Electric Soldering Iron is the ideal tool for beginners. The very complete kit contains an electronic soldering iron with adjustable temperature (392-842°F) and a power of 60 watts, 5 soldering tips, a desoldering pump, a soldering bit, 2 anti-static pliers, soldering wire, an iron holder with a cleaning sponge, a stripper and a toolbox. It’s suitable for all types of daily household appliance repairs.

The ANBES brand

ANBES is a brand of electronics best known for its products that use Bluetooth technology, such as wireless headphones or LEDs. However, it is a manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of electronic products, and it also sells electric soldering iron kits that are very efficient.

Its kits are very well made and contain everything that a beginner or professional needs: support with sponge, spare purlins, desoldering pump, soldering wire… All these tools are sold in bags that are easy to transport. We can also applaud the effort of the ANBES brand on the aesthetic side of its tote bags!

  • Soldering iron kit 60 Watts ANBES:

The ANBES Electric Soldering Iron Kit contains everything you need to solder safely and successfully. With a power of 60 watts, it can heat between 392°F and 842°F. It is sold with its support (integrated sponge), 5 spare purlins, a desoldering pump, soldering wire, electric wires and pliers.

All of this can be stored in an elegant and easy to carry bag. Ideal for organized people who like to have all their tools stored in one place, or for messy people who tend to misplace everything!

The other brands (Amzdeal, Gochange, Homasy…):

Here are another 3 brands that give you an overview of what you can find on the internet…

  • HOMASY Electric Soldering Iron High Precision Adjustable Soldering Kit 60W :

Another excellent complete kit from VicTsing, the electronic soldering iron from HOMASY. Not expensive at all, this kit is complete enough for a very good value of money.

  • Soldering Kit, 220V Soldering Iron Electric Adjustable GOCHANGE:

For a price of less than 25 €, you have access to this very complete kit with the ability to adjust the temperature of the breakdown. It is CE certified and is even equipped with a complete storage kit. A truly complete package that is perfect for a student.

  • Amzdeal Electronic Soldering Iron Adjustable Temperature 60W :

This is the best-selling soldering iron. For less than 15 €, you get a small but functional kit. You get soldering iron, tin, and 5 purlins to perfectly suit your work.

Where to buy an electronic soldering iron?

Buying an electronic soldering iron will allow you to be able to repair all the malfunctions of your electronic devices on a daily basis. In addition to being much faster than calling a technician, it’s also much more economical!

The purchase of a soldering iron is an investment you will not regret. No more throwing away electronic devices after a few uses when the problem could have been solved with a single blow of a soldering iron!

To make your purchase, many options are available to you. You can go to DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama, where a salesman will be able to advise you but you will have few choices.

The Internet is another possibility: if you have a brand in mind, go directly to its website or to one of its retailers. Otherwise, sites such as Amazon, EBay, Manomano or Conrad have the advantage of offering a very wide choice of cheap, new or used products, which you can sort by price, popularity, brand….

You can also consult the opinions of other buyers, which can be very useful to avoid unpleasant surprises!

What are the characteristics of an electronic soldering iron?

The electronic soldering iron is the one you will need for electrical or electronic work. It must be plugged into an electrical outlet before it can be used. A distinction is made between slow electronic soldering irons, with a power of 20 to 70 watts, used for small electrical soldering or tinsmithing work; and fast electronic soldering irons, with a power of 100 watts or more, used for work requiring greater heating power such as tap or plumbing work. The latter are equipped with a gun that must be activated to release the heat, and a precision lamp to illuminate the area to be soldered.

Soldering Iron work

In general, the tips of electronic soldering irons are curved and thin because they are designed for soldering electronic components. The type of tip depends on the manufacturer: entry-level electronic soldering irons have a copper tip, while so-called “long-lasting” tips are covered with an alloy of iron, nickel and chromium. Regular cleaning of the tip during soldering ensures a longer service life in all cases.

Advantages and disadvantages

The electronic soldering iron has several advantages: it is ideal for electronic and electrical work because it allows greater precision in soldering than other types of soldering irons such as the gas soldering iron. Its power is generally lower: for beginners, it is ideal because it poses less risk of burning. Lightweight and easy to handle, electronic soldering irons are suitable for everyone. The price of the electronic soldering iron is also an advantage: this type of iron being the most basic, it is also the one found at the best price.

However, you must be careful with an electronic soldering iron, especially with the power cable: before soldering, make sure to run it behind your table because any contact with the tip of the device can cause an electric shock that is dangerous for you and your devices. Also check the cable for any defects before use.

Purpose of buying electronic soldering irons

The electronic soldering iron is used for electrical and electronic work. Depending on its power, it will be used to solder electronic components on printed circuit boards (simple but meticulous soldering), for tinsmithing, valves, plumbing, wood engraving…

The electronic soldering iron can therefore be used for different repairs, when the required heating power is not too high either. Thus, you will mainly use it for your occasional repairs of basic electronic devices: TV, HIFI, small and medium household appliances.

You will need it for repairing a wire that has detached, removing a bad contact, replacing a power cable, etc. This makes the electronic soldering iron the ideal tool for occasional troubleshooting.

Who can use electronic soldering irons?

Anyone can use the electronic soldering iron. This device is ideal for beginners or occasional DIYers who will use it irregularly. After all, electronic soldering irons are lightweight and easy to handle, which ensures safe use.

Many manufacturers sell their electronic soldering irons in kit form with a user manual, explaining how the tool works but also the basic safety precautions to know (do not let the tip make contact with the power cable or skin, clean the tip regularly when soldering, etc.). The beginner therefore has all the cards in hand to start his work in complete safety.

In addition, the kits most often include all the tools you need, from tin wire to desoldering pump, so you don’t have to buy all the components one at a time as you go along. Of course, the electronic soldering iron is also suitable for experienced DIYers or professionals: they usually buy the complete soldering station, which allows them to be used regularly and extensively with a longer service life.

The best electronic soldering irons of the year

The electronic soldering iron is the most basic type of soldering iron. Cheap, easy to use, sold in kits specifically designed for amateurs and useful for any occasional repair of daily appliances, this is the one that beginners should buy first.

Therefore, the choice is very important: many brands offer a wide range of electronic soldering irons. For a beginner (or even a professional!) who doesn’t know where to look, it’s difficult to find his way around and identify the soldering iron that will work well and offer the best price-quality ratio, or the best long-term performance.

Electronic soldering irons differ in power, size of tip, whether they are sold in kit form or not, with additional accessories, etc. What to choose? To help you make your choice, we have prepared a comparative table of the best electronic soldering irons you can find online.

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