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How to select the right surveillance camera?
May 15, 2019 admin
In recent years, the surveillance camera sector has been marked by many changes. Thanks to the different models marketed by many manufacturers, selecting a surveillance camera is nowadays a complicated task. Between technologies, different visions and aesthetics, it is still not easy to find the right balance to make the ideal choice. In this article, discover the criteria to consider when choosing a surveillance camera.

Criteria for choosing the right surveillance camera
Depending on the use you intend to make of it, several criteria must be taken into consideration in your choice of surveillance camera. To have the best chances of a good purchase, you will have to shop in a specialist store. In general, there are five essential criteria for making a good choice:

zoom and viewing angle
night vision
remote vision
What to remember
High definition surveillance camera technology is evolving exponentially and leaves analog cameras in the prehistory of video surveillance. Thus, unless you have a particular taste for antiques, it is advisable to avoid cameras with an exclusive 960H or D1 format and whose resolution is expressed in a number of lines. From now on, opt for high definition cameras! In fact, the resolution of these images is expressed in pixels both for the size of the images and for their accuracy. Whether HDTVI, IP, AHD, HDCVI, HDCVI, high definition cameras are 720 P or 1080 P with a resolution of up to 4 million pixels.

The zoom and viewing angle determine the accuracy of your camera based on the distance from the object to be viewed. These criteria are determined by the focal length of the surveillance camera. For example, when monitoring a warehouse or a similar surface, you can opt for a 0.1 inch wide-angle focal length that will allow you to have a viewing angle of about 95 degrees. However, a focal length of about 0.3 inch will be necessary to make a close-up image of an object located about 33 yards from the camera.

Night vision is one of the most important criteria in selecting a surveillance camera. Most surveillance cameras nowadays have this feature. This vision is due to an infrared system integrated into the camera that promotes sharp images in the dark. The factor to pay attention to in regards to night vision is the distance allowed by the camera. In fact, some cameras only perceive objects within a radius of 11 yards, while others have night vision beyond 110 yards.

Remote vision is the quality of the image preview on your computer or smartphone. It takes into account sharpness, color, and any other characteristics that allow for a better image at a distance. It will also be necessary to take the rate and size of the images in the selection process. As far as aesthetics are concerned, we generally distinguish three dominant forms:

the dome camera
the tube camera
the PTZ motorized camera.
The choice of camera shape will depend on your tastes, because it’s all about aesthetics. But don’t forget that the more inconspicuous the camera, the more useful it will be to you.

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