Laser Distance Meter: Test, Reviews and Comparison – June 2024

Laser Distance meter

Discover our Selection of the Best Laser Distance Meter of June 2024, including the Top 10 Sales in June 2024 on Amazon!

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Top 3 Laser Distance Meters

When you want to work on electrical projects, and do it well, it may be necessary to have a good laser distance meter to make accurate measurements. A laser distance meter may also be important if you want to take measurements in a house to renovate, to make volume measurements, surface measurements…

Our team has selected 3 laser distance meters for you, with the best of the year, our favorite and an cheap laser distance meters. By chance, our Top 3 only includes Bosch laser distance meters but don’t forget to check our selection on Amazon above and at the end of the article.

We hope that our selection will satisfy you and that your work on electrical projects will be even better and more accurate!

The 3 best laser distance meters

Whether you are a professional or an amateur electrical engineer, choosing a laser distance meter is not simple because there are more and more models becoming available. Therefore, our team has chosen for you the 3 best laser distance meters of the year according to us!

The BOSCH GLM 250 VF: the best laser distance meter of the year

Let’s start our comparison with the Bosch GLM 250VF which is for us the best laser distance meter of the year. This model is a really high quality device. Its range is 270 yards, which is impressive. A telescopic viewfinder will allow you to have a near-perfect view. The measurement will be accurate even when the lighting is poor thanks to its glass lens and ceramic optical frame.

With this Bosch GLM 250VF laser rangefinder, you can measure surfaces, volumes and distances without having to do any calculations, the device takes care of everything. Additionally, it allows you to store your last 30 measurements, which can be very practical on a construction site and can save you time.

Another important point is that it is IP 54 rated. It is therefore resistant to dust and various water splashes. It will therefore be able to accompany you everywhere without any worries.

Finally, it is equipped with a multi-function tip that will allow you to measure even in hard-to-reach areas. The measuring board is also integrated. This laser rangefinder is delivered with a small carrying bag, a strap for a secure hold, a manufacturer’s certificate and 4 batteries of 1.5V. It should be noted that the device has an autonomy of 5 hours.

As you can see, this Bosch GLM 250VF is the best laser rangefinder for us because it offers a wide range of options and is easy to operate. A really technical rangefinder but accessible even to amateur electrical engineers! If you are looking for the best laser rangefinder right now, with top precision, ease of use, versatility and robustness, we recommend the Bosch GLM 250 VF laser rangefinder without any hesitation!

Bosch Connected laser distance meter PLR 30 C: The best bang for your buck

The Bosh Connected laser distance meter PLR30C is the one that provides us the highest quality/price ratio in our comparison. This laser rangefinder is a great alternative for demanding electrical engineers who have a slightly tighter budget. This rangefinder already stands out because it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply download the PLR measure&go application to be able to directly capture all your measurements in photos. This is a really practical option and will save you precious time compared to a conventional rangefinder!

In terms of accuracy and distance, the laser has a range of 33 yards. This distance is sufficient in the vast majority of cases. You can measure distances, surfaces and volumes with this rangefinder. The last 10 measurements will be recorded in the device. You can also add or subtract measurements for perfect electrical work without taking out the calculator.

Its color display is also very convenient to work with. It is therefore practical, precise, simple… The Bosch Laser PLR 30C laser distance meter is not our favorite for nothing! We recommend it.

Bosch Zamo digital laser distance meter : the cheap one

Your budget is tight but you are looking for a cheap, efficient, reliable and accurate laser rangefinder? This Bosch Zamo laser distance meter is a perfect device for troubleshooting or simple measurements. Indeed, this inexpensive rangefinder allows distance measurements to be taken thanks to its simple button on the device.

It allows measurements up to 22 yards. We liked this cheap Bosch laser rangefinder because it is really compact and fits in your pocket. It is very useful for electrical engineers who want to make quick measurements.

For those with a restricted budget, it will do perfectly fine because it is precise and simple. We have also read many positive user reviews, particularly on Amazon. That’s where we found the Bosch laser rangefinder at the best price!

How to choose a laser distance meter?

Best Laser Distance meter

First of all, you need to understand how a laser distance meter works. The concept is simple, the rangefinder sends a laser beam and as soon as it encounters an obstacle, it calculates the distance between the device and the obstacle. It is therefore an extremely practical measuring device because rather than having a hand-held decameter, the laser rangefinder is sufficient and will measure instantly.

The laser distance meter is used in many situations but mostly for indoor or outdoor work. Architects, craftsmen, electrical engineers and individuals can use it! It is versatile and very practical…

There are many of them in the laser distance meters section and making your choice is not always simple, especially if it is your first purchase. To choose the best one for your needs and budget, here are the different criteria we always take into consideration…

The laser range

Depending on your application, the measuring distance can be long. Some rangefinders go up to 270 yards while others only go up to 22 yards. It is up to you to decide which distance is the right one for your needs. We estimate that a distance between 22 and 55 yards is perfect for most applications.

There are 2 types of rangefinders, indoor and outdoor. The main difference is in the laser range. For outdoor use in particular, lasers will go up to 220 or 328 yards to measure a building, a road, etc.

Connected laser distance meter or not?

Some laser distance meters offer a connection to your smartphone to transmit measurements directly to images. It may seem like a gimmick, but it is still very useful. Be careful, however, this option can consume a lot of energy and therefore batteries.

Important features for laser distance meters

We have identified several features that we think are interesting to have:

  • The tilt sensor: It will replace your bubble level but it can be slightly less accurate over short distances
  • The ability to calculate volumes and surfaces
  • Number of simultaneous measurements
  • Measurement history
  • The waterproofness of the device
  • The ease of use
  • The self-timer function

The different types of measurement

You may have to perform 3 types of measurements:

  • volume
  • distance
  • surface area

You must therefore know your needs in order to make the right purchase. A simple rangefinder can sometimes be limited in relation to your work. So remember to examine your situation carefully before making the purchase.

Dimensions and weights

It is also important to take into account the weight and size of laser distance meters. This is not a significant factor, but it can be practical to have a lightweight laser distance meter that takes up little space in your toolbox. Some models only weigh 3 ounces like our Zamo model but it obviously has fewer functions than a 5 ounces rangefinder like the PLR 30C. Ergonomics also come into play because it must be simple and easy to use.

You now have all the necessary information to choose your laser distance meter!

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