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Know how to select your generator set: the buying guide!
October 21, 2018 admin
A generator set is a tool with which electricity can be produced autonomously using fuel. The power that can be obtained is thus translated into Volt Ampere, Kilo Volt Ampere and Mega Volt Ampere as needed. The selection of a set is based on several criteria that shall be listed in the following lines.

The technical criteria to be taken into account

  • Power: the power consumption needs depend on one equipment to another. Some appliances are considered more energy consuming than others and require an inventory of appliances, tools and accessories to be powered before purchasing a set. In parallel, it will also be necessary to establish the starting power required for each device. It is calculated according to the nominal power (expressed in watts) that must be multiplied by the starting coefficient.
  • Engine power: a petrol or diesel unit is equipped with single-cylinder engines with air cooling systems that run at 3600 rpm. It offers an average autonomy of 3 to 4 hours before cooling down.
  • Motorization and type of unit: for domestic use, the unit with diesel engine should be banned because it is too noisy. Gasoline soundproofing units offer a wide range of power ratings for a variety of applications. For occasional use, the choice of a soundproof unit with a maximum power of 2 kW is preferable. For professional work, it is practical to opt for a diesel generator set with a higher power output.
  • Fuel: A gasoline unit is more suitable for domestic use. A diesel-powered unit is more suitable for professional use.
  • The voltage regulation system: the stability of the electrical current is important in the selection of a set. A set with a capacitor system satisfies a more versatile use requirement. An AVR system (with automatic regulation) stabilizes the voltage delivered by a group at 2%. The unit with an Inverter system allows the most sensitive devices to be powered safely.

Criteria related to the use of a generator set
The choice of a group is based on its use according to whether it is nomadic or sedentary. For the first one, it will be necessary to choose a 2-stroke group and whose maximum weight does not exceed 44 lbs. For the second, it is recommended to use a 88 lbs professional diesel generator set. To reduce noise levels, there is nothing better than a gasoline-powered unit. When selecting a set, you should also check the type of power supply provided depending on whether it is single-phase or three-phase. In the purchase of a set, the type of start (manual or electric) is finally an important criterion, as well as the level of autonomy and safety it provides.

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