Electrician gloves: Test, Reviews and Comparison – July 2024

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We often hear “no arms, no chocolate” but we never hear “no hands, no electrical work” (normal, I just made it up). So to protect the hands, which are the first to be exposed during electrical work, you must obviously be equipped with adequate protection and gloves for electricians. How to choose them, which model?

Working with gloves during electrical work?
Maybe I should have started with this question: should I work with electrical gloves?

My answer: Yes and No (it sounds like a politician’s answer…).

Gloves for electricians? Yes for the following works:

The pulling of electrical wires (especially with an electrician’s needle).
Working under tension.
The installation of the finishing plates.
Handling of attic access hatches or any other elements once the paintings have been painted (to avoid fingerprints and dirt).
Gloves for electricians? No (or not necessary) for the following works:

Electrical connections (it is not easy to handle a wago with gloves).
In general, for all work that requires precision with the hands.
Gloves, but not just any gloves:
If a Phillips screwdriver is not used to handle a screw with a flat head, the same applies to gloves. Several glove models as the situation requires, with references adapted to the nature of the work to be carried out:

For daily comfort and protection:
It is a question here of equipping oneself with gloves for the working day: they make it possible to carry out the usual actions during electrical work by protecting oneself from injuries that are often minor but sometimes debilitating (I think in particular of pulling wire with the steel wire puller).

These gloves are light and prominent: they must stick as closely as possible to the hand.

For extra protection when handling is a little riskier:
In some cases, it is especially important not to use the previous gloves: I think especially when using an electrician’s heating ball, which makes it possible to make the crossings of polystyrene linings.

In this case, it is necessary to use loose gloves, which do not stick to the skin and ideally which can resist heat.

Electrician’s gloves for working under power:
These are real hand protections dedicated to the electrician: insulated gloves. They are part of the electrician’s PPE (for Personal Protective Equipment).

These are very special gloves because they allow you to work under tension. Handle with care, they have an expiry date. The best known are those offered by the CATU brand.

Choice of gloves for electricians:
For each pair of gloves, here is a list of several references:

Soft gloves / for light work:
This reference available by 3 at Amazon. A whole selection available here at ManoMano.
Reinforced rigid gloves:
This pair of classic gloves (the one sometimes used by masons).
Insulated gloves:
This pair of insulated gloves is available at a very good price from Amazon.
This reference of the Bahco brand.

An additional item of clothing that is added to the electrician’s wardrobe (with work pants or a warm jacket).

I know that for some of you, the use of protective gloves is not a reflex.

But if you want to be able to keep your hands in a more or less proper condition, I advise you to use gloves that are suitable for the work you do.

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